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Phone numbers

Hotel: +49 (0) 7822 860-5679
Camp Resort: +49 (0) 7822 860-5566
Camping: +49 (0) 7822 860-5566
Wellness & Spa areas: +49 (0) 7822 860-5530
Table reservations: +49 (0) 7822 860-5922
Hotel and Camp Resort vouchers: +49 (0) 7822 860-5522 

Email addresses

Hotel: hotel [at] (hotel[at]europapark[dot]de)
Camp Resort: camp-resort [at] (camp-resort[at]europapark[dot]de)
Camping: camp-resort [at] (camp-resort[at]europapark[dot]de)
Wellness & Spa areas: wellness [at] (wellness[at]europapark[dot]de) 
Table reservations: restaurants [at] (restaurants[at]europapark[dot]de)
Hotel and Camp Resort vouchers: hotelgutscheine [at] (hotelgutscheine[at]europapark[dot]de)

Fax addresses Hotel & Camp Resort: +49 (0) 7822 860-5545
Address Europa-Park GmbH & Co Hotelbetriebe KG
Europa-Park-Straße 4+6
77977 Rust

The reservations department is available daily from 8am until 7pm.
If you have last minute changes, you will be able to reach a member of staff.
The shortest wait times normally occur between 11am and 12pm and between 3 and 5pm.

In our hotel media library, you can view selected brochures online, download them as PDFs and even request them by post.

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Notification of lost item

Have you lost an item in the Europa-Park hotels (room, restaurant, bars), in one of the Wellness & Spa areas or at YULLBE?
Then please use our lost item form, where you can log your lost item request directly.

Have you lost something in Europa-Park?
Then read here to find out how to get your lost item back.