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FAQ Camping

FAQ overnight

Is it possible to book a space?

It is possible to book in advance by calling +49 7822 860-5566 or conveniently online.

Are entry tickets included in the accommodation price?

Tickets for Europa-Park, Rulantica, YULLBE and Eatrenalin are not automatically included in the accommodation prices. There are selected offers that include tickets for Europa-Park, Rulantica, YULLBE and/or Eatrenalin. In this case, this will be explicitly indicated.

In the first step of the online booking, the space for your camper van/caravan/tent at the Europa-Park Camping is displayed. In a further step, the various admission tickets can be added. In combination with an overnight stay at the Europa-Park Camping, you will always receive the lowest admission price for Europa-Park. To secure this advantage, it is best to book the entrance tickets directly together with the overnight stay.

Where can guests of Europa-Park Camping collect their Europa-Park, Rulantica, YULLBE and Eatrenalin tickets?

You can collect the tickets at the Camp Resort and Europa-Park Camping reception on the day of your arrival. This means that you must contact reception before you are heading to Europa-Park, Rulantica, YULLBE or Eatrenalin. You will receive your tickets upon presentation of your booking confirmation.

Day visitors can conveniently purchase and download their tickets from the Europa-Park app (free to download) or go to

Is it possible to book for larger groups?

Arrival with a larger group is possible upon request.

When can I use the spaces?

The tent and caravan/mobile home spaces are available from 12pm on your day of arrival and must be vacated by 11am on the day of your departure. If you arrive earlier or leave later, we are able to offer you the option of parking your vehicle in the waiting area.

I would like to visit Europa-Park on the day of my departure. Can I stay in my space?

Your space is available to you until 11am on the day of your departure. After 11am, you are welcome to drive to our dedicated waiting zone where you can park until after your park visit.

Are day visitors allowed?

Yes, day visitors are allowed. Please register them at the Camp Resort reception. Please see the price overview for the latest prices.

Guests of our Camp Resort restaurants don't have to pay a day visitor fee.

Can I bring pets?

Dogs are welcome at the campsite. Exemptions apply to so called 'listed dogs/combat dogs'. Please see our prices overview for the latest prices.

Dogs must be kept on a leash throughout the entire campsite. You also have to carry a hygiene package in order to tidy up after your dog. Other animals are not allowed.

Are electrical sockets available at the tent spaces?

Yes, there are enough sockets available (16 ampere, CEE plug).

Is there space to park bicycles?

Yes, at the Europa-Park Camping near the entrance.

Is there a washing machine?

No, there is no washing machine.

Where are the sanitary facilities?

The modern facilities are located in a separate building on site.

When does the noise curfew start?

The noise curfew starts at midnight on the Europa-Park Camping.

The Rust Street Festival is taking place this year from 30.08. until 01.09.2024. Please be aware that there might be a higher level of noise during this weekend until late into the night.

Dear Guests, please note that on the event dates of the Oktoberfest (14.09. - 12.10.2024) and Traumatica (27.09. - 09.11.2024), there may be some noise disturbances during the night. 

FAQ Food and Drinks

Is breakfast provided?

As our overnight guest, you have the option to have breakfast in the Silver Lake Saloon, or to use the 'Bread Roll Service' at the Western Kiosk. 

Are table reservations required for dinner at the Silver Lake Saloon?

Yes, table reservations can be placed by calling +49 7822 860 5922, or emailing Tables can also be booked online at, as well as in the Europa-Park Hotel app.


Is there a supermarket close by?

The town of Rust offers a range of grocery stores. These are approximately a 20-minute walk away. A Western Kiosk with snacks and beverages is located near the Europa-Park Camping. The Pharma machine offers useful supplies for minor emergencies as well as handy utensils such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and tissues.

Are there facilities to cook and wash dishes?

The Europa-Park Camping does not have a kitchen. The Silver Lake Saloon full service restaurant and Cantina Amigo self-service restaurant offer a wide range of food and drink. If you wish to bring your own food, we provide areas to clean your dishes.

Subject to change. Edition April 2021