Benefits for Hotel Guests - when booking online



Easy & secure booking

  • Immediate confirmation
  • 24 hours Europa-Park Contact

Largest selection of categories

  • from Economy rooms to Suites ...

Best booking conditions

  • Booking without credit card possible
  • No prepayment required*
  • free cancellation up 3 days before arrival*
  • Free account management
  • Special prices

Additional services and tickets

  • Number of Europa-Park and Rulantica tickets selectable
  • Tickets for events can be booked additionally (reduced tickets to various events)
  • Spa treatments can be booked additionally
  • All additional information on the travel date

Take advantage of the benefits for Europa-Park Hotel Friends

  • Note personal room preferences in your online profile
  • Select your desired room number online (Your reservation must be made at least 30 days before your arrival date)
  • Digital waiting list available for all fully booked dates 

*Reduced rates may have separate conditions