Ba-a-a Express

Age & Size
min. 3 yearsmin. 95 cm
open during summer & winter
Level 2: Relatively relaxed, smooth thrill
Disabled persons
Suitable for handicapped people

In the Baa-a-a Express, young goblins experience an exciting rollercoaster ride over the lush, green island.

As the train accelerates, meadows and hills whizz by in the blink of an eye. Discover woolly sheep, an old farm, and other beautiful, idyllic Irish landmarks along the way.

Members of Europa-Park JUNIOR CLUB can scan their membership card at the Ba-a-a Express attraction in order to collect stars for their club house room and Euromaus avatar. JUNIOR CLUB is a free educational gaming platform for children aged 3+. Available in German and French.

Technical Data

Driving Time: 
90 sec.
10 persons
Theoretical Capacity: 
400 persons per hour
MACK Rides

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