AMA - on the rise

No more shows today!
Level 2: Relatively relaxed, smooth thrill
People with Handicap
Suitable for people with disabilities
20 minutes
closed during winter

From 29.06. until 14.07.2019 you can look forward to a new pop show on the open-air stage in the Italian themed area! The band ‘AMA’ will guarantee a great atmosphere. While on their first tour they will exclusively play at Europa-Park and ensure fun tunes. Cool choreographies, great vocals and songs which will stick with you – a show to stop, watch and join in.

Incidentally is the band name also their programme: it originates from the Instagram feature ‘Ask Me Anything’ which enables you to interact with your community. Get to know the three singers Sarah, Arina and Clara alias AMA at Europa-Park and follow them on Instagram @askmeanythingofficial.

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