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Voltron 4D

Voltron 4D

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Be there up close in 4D as the inventor Nikola Tesla makes a groundbreaking discovery: experience with all your senses how he transforms people into cosmic energy and transports it from one place to another as a lightning bolt. However, the scientist, born in present-day Croatia, encounters great resistance with his visionary device - does he still manage to usher in the electric age with the support of the legendary Adventure Club of Europe? From now on, MACK Magic presents Voltron 4D, an exciting 12-minute film adventure exclusively in Magic Cinema 4D.

With breathtaking action and special effects in 4D, including 3D projections, wind, scent and moving seats, viewers become part of an immersive cinema experience for the whole family.

The new highly exciting real film about Nikola Tesla, produced by MACK Magic, invites visitors to seamlessly immerse themselves in Tesla's world thanks to elaborate 4D technology. This immersive adventure thus provides a thrilling insight into the inventor's previously little-known time in Europe, and a foretaste of the Voltron Nevera rollercoaster powered by Rimac in the future Croatian themed area. There, from 2024, visitors will be able to dive even deeper into Tesla's world and experience his device in the form of an energy-charged rollercoaster ride.

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13 minutes
from 9:20am several times a day
Summer & Halloween & HALLOWinter & Winter
Thanks to a drone, you can enjoy great views of the new coaster and the future Croatian themed area

Premiere of the new Voltron 4D film

On 12. September, the Adventure Club of Europe invited guests to the official premier of the new 4D cinema adventure Voltron 4D. In the presence of the Mack family, the actors of the film and invited guests, the film about the rollercoaster produced by MACK Magic conquered the big cinema screen in the Magic Cinema 4D for the first time and will showcase the elaborate storytelling about Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac there every day from 30.09.2023.

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