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Fina & die Yomis

Fina & The Yomis

The film adventure for the whole family

The Yomis welcome you to the Enchanted Forest Cinema! The little green mythical creatures are now also be up to mischief in Europa-Park's Enchanted Forest and invite you to a film adventure for the whole family.

A dangerous dragon has kidnapped a group of Yomis! Together with her five friends, the future Empress Josefina, then only called 'Fina' by everyone, sets off for the dragon's lair. Will they manage to defeat him with the magical power of the gems and free their friends?

Already in the outdoor area of the Enchanted Forest Cinema, visitors are welcomed by the Yomis. For the family-friendly film experience, the Enchanted Forest Cinema has been elaborately redesigned, equipped with numerous interactive elements and the latest cinema technology.

The film 'Fina & the Yomis' tells a legend from the childhood of Empress Josefina and thus combines all facets of the Austria themed area: If you look closely, you will not only discover the colourful mythical creatures in the Magical World of Diamonds, but also catch them getting up to mischief on the lake. Who exactly the Yomis are and what they have to do with the Empress can be seen in the new film in the Enchanted Forest Cinema.

You can already get a little taste of the film in our trailer on VEEJOY.

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Grimm's Fairytale Forest
12 minutes
from 9:10am several times a day
Day cinema
Screening in one of the cinemas
For children
A highlight for our small guests
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