Ed's Party Parade - Let's dance!

Next Show: 16:30
Level 2: Relatively relaxed, smooth thrill
People with Handicap
Suitable for people with disabilities
25 minutes
closed during winter

Ed Euromaus knows how to throw a party. When he pulls up with the big party parade and rides through Europa-Park, a great atmosphere is guaranteed. You‘re invited to dance and marvel with hit music, spectacular cars, fascinating costumes, and rousing choreography. Let’s dance!

The parade begins at the space station Mir in the Russian themed area!
It continues towards the Swiss Bobsleigh Run and the Arena of Footbal in England. From there the colourful parade takes the direction of the Historama and FoodLoop before the artists end their Show-Route in the Russian themed area.

Tip: Full on show time and action are guaranteed between the Russian and Swiss themed area as well as on the Luxembourger Square! Make sure to look for the perfect space a few minutes before the show starts to ensure you have the perfect view!

Subject to Change.

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