'The Time Carousel'

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Level 2: Relatively relaxed, smooth thrill
People with Handicap
Suitable for people with disabilities
15 minutes
closed during winter

The adventures of Ed Euromaus and friends in ‘The Secret of Balthasar Castle’ continue in a second movie 'The Time Carousel'. 

The evil Nachtkrabb sending Euromaus, Euromausi, Eurofant, Böckli, and Louis off on a crazy journey through time, leading them to William Tell in Switzerland, Gustav Eiffel in Paris, and finally Master Mack in Waldkirch. Will the five friends manage to beat the time machine and conquer the Nachtkrabb?

Immerse yourself in the multidimensional world of the 4D Magic Cinema! Join our Europa-Park heroes on their journey through an action-packed adventure with surprises at every turn. The 4D movie is screened daily at various times and promises to captivate the audience with 4D special effects influenced by the movie's storyline. Sprayed mist, vibrating seats, and much, much more guarantee an unforgettable movie experience for all!

Subject to change.

Location in the park