Times Three – The Acrobatic Show

No more shows today!
Level 2: Relatively relaxed, smooth thrill
People with Handicap
Suitable for people with disabilities
30 minutes
closed during winter

In accordance with the government guidelines, park shows (such as the ice show) as well as the cinema will remain closed for the time being.

He is immortal, and so is his music. Ludwig can Beethoven. His 250th birthday is the centre of the new Globe show Times Three: A highly emotional revue full of familiar melodies with a modern twist, presented by Beethoven himself. Completed by amazing acrobatics and the Europa-Park Show Ballet. The third dimension of time.

The Globe Theatre is modeled on the Elizabethan Globe Theatre frequented by the great William Shakespeare in his day. Even now, the stage is filled with pure entertainment.

Subject to Change.

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