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Kinder im Mienenwagen, hinter ihnen ist eine Figur von einem Wichtel, die sie schiebt

Grimm's Fairytale Forest

Pay a visit to Frau Holle, admire Rapunzel's braid or visit Sleeping Beauty’s Castle? Sounds impossible, but it’s not!
In Grimm's Enchanted Forest, these and many other characters from Grimm's fairy tales are lovingly and accurately staged. Little visitors can go in search of their favourite fairy tale characters, while the adults are being transported back to their childhood.

A visit to Grimm's Enchanted Forest is also worthwhile for a short break: all kinds of towers, castles, enchanted trees and secluded, hidden places by the lake or in amongst nature invite you to stay a while and enjoy.

And who will discover the hidden unicorn and the giant under the tree?

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