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Croatian flair with antique facades and an electrifying ride experience!

The 1,385-metre-long Voltron Nevera multi launch coaster powered by Rimac has been winding its way through the middle of the Croatian themed area since 2024. The first construction phase with rollercoaster and the impressive station building in the style of an old Croatian hydroelectric power station covers around 20,000 square metres. The Croatian bell tower and the two Voltron towers, with which the scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla wanted to realise his dream of wireless long-distance transmission using cosmic energy, can be seen from afar.

In the new themed area, you can enjoy the flair of the Croatian Adriatic to the full! A large market square, lined with light-coloured limestone buildings, ruins and sections of wall, invites you to linger. Here you can enjoy a tasty refreshment in the 'Sunce i Lavanda' ice cream parlour or in the 'Ćevapčići-Snack' and let your gaze wander over the Mediterranean flora with an 800-year-old olive tree, pine trees, vines and lavender.

The interactive family exhibition 'Croatian Inspiration' and the 360° film adventure 'Nikola Tesla's Beautiful Croatia' also provide fascinating impressions of Croatia. In the 'Suveniri Nikola' shop, Voltron Nevera fans can find a suitable souvenir or a Croatian gift for everyone who has stayed at home.

Start into the electric age together with Nikola Tesla

From 2024, the legendary Adventure Club of Europe will reveal one of its best-kept secrets: Experience the most visionary and previously unknown invention of the scientist and ACE member Nikola Tesla for yourself!

His device feeds people into cosmic energy and transports them from one place to another in an electrical lightning bolt. Starting in the waiting area of the new attraction, you will be immersed in Tesla's laboratory for cosmic energy in a former hydroelectric power station before the electrifying energy journey begins on the rollercoaster. Witness how Nikola Tesla initiated the electric age and take a look at his captivating story today!

Voltron 4D Film

Voltron 4D (Magic Cinema 4D, Europa-Park)

Be there up close in 4D as the inventor Nikola Tesla makes a groundbreaking discovery: experience with all your senses how he transforms people into cosmic energy and transports it from one place to another as a lightning bolt. However, the scientist, born in present-day Croatia, encounters great resistance with his visionary device - does he still manage to usher in the electric age with the support of the legendary Adventure Club of Europe? From now on, MACK Magic presents Voltron 4D, an exciting 12-minute film adventure exclusively in Magic Cinema 4D.

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Motiv zum Film im Traumzeit-Dome "Nikola Tesla's Beautiful Croatia"

Nikola Tesla's Beautiful Croatia (Dome of Dreams, Europa-Park)

The 360° film adventure 'Nikola Tesla's Beautiful Croatia' in the Dome of Dreams takes you on a breathtaking journey through gorgeous sceneries of Croatia. Your tour of discovery starts in the middle of the laboratory of Nikola Tesla, who was born in what today is Croatia. The revolutionary invention of the scientist enables a completely new way of travelling, with which you can explore the most beautiful places in Croatia in a way never seen before. Immerse yourself in the fascinating story of Nikola Tesla and experience Croatia like never before.

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Die fliegende Schule der Abenteurer

The book adventure about the rollercoaster

In ‘The Flying School of Adventurers - The Phantom from the Underworld’, the four heroes of the novel, Belle, Oni, Oliver and Connor, set off on the trail of a mysterious phantom that is said to live in the catacombs under the Zagreb theatre. As they enter the underworld through a mirror, they not only come across a legendary contraption from the ingenious inventor Nikola Tesla, but also a hundred-year-old monster.

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Voltron Nevera is open!

Experience an incomparable, electrifying adventure with Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac and enjoy the holiday atmosphere in the new Croatian themed area!