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Guests with visual impairments

Our top priority is to enable you to have a carefree, safe and great stay at Europa-Park. In the following, guests with visual impairments will therefore find general information, information on using the attractions, guide dogs and assistance dogs, visiting the show and taking a break in our restaurants, bars and cafés. This way you can prepare well in advance of your visit.

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General information

On the general page, we have summarised general information such as opening hours, disabled parking spaces, transport options and routes in Europa-Park, recreational opportunities, toilets, first aid and safety for guests with disabilities.


Detailed information can be found on the info pages for

Guests in wheelchairs

Guests with amputations/prostheses

Guests with hearing impairments

Entrance fees and tickets

Discounted tickets for guests with disabilities are available online in our Ticket Shop or at the on-site ticket offices.

Guests with visual impairments
Guests with visual impairments receive free entry upon presentation of a disability ID marked 'BI'.


Guests with disabilities

We offer the following ticket categories for guests with disabilities:

  • The 1-day ticket can be purchased from €49.00¹ and offers access to Europa-Park for one day.
  • The 2-day ticket can be purchased from €90.00¹ and allows you to visit Europa-Park on two consecutive days.

The Europa-Park annual pass is available in 2 versions and is called the ‘ResortPass’:

  • You can get the ResortPass Silver at a reduced price of €135.00¹,
  • the ResortPass Gold at a reduced price of €240.00¹.

The ResortPass annual tickets, the 1-day ticket and the 2-day ticket can be purchased exclusively online via the Mack International Ticket Shop. Tickets for children aged 4 to 15 years: this ticket is only available on-site at the information desk at the main entrance.

ResortPass Silver and Gold are currently unavailable.

Admission is free for children under 4 years of age.

Special rates for guests with disabilities

The price online, as well as at the ticket office, can vary depending on the day you visit - however, when purchased in combination with an overnight stay, you always benefit from the Best-Price-Guarantee.

Special rates for guests with disabilities aged 4 to 15 year
  • Tickets for guests with disabilities aged 4 to 15 are only available on-site, and can be purchased at the information office at the main entrance.
  • Please book tickets for your accompanying persons in advance at or get the best price in combination with an overnight stay at
  • If there is no more availability on the day, admission of young guests with disabilities can still be guaranteed as long as the accompanying persons have tickets booked in advance.

Ticket office

1-day ticket

€33.50 - €40.50¹

2-day ticket

€59.00 - €66.00¹

ResortPass Gold (Annual pass)


ResortPass Gold (Jahreskarte)


Special rates for guests with disabilities aged 16+
  • Reduced admission prices will be granted on site upon presentation of a corresponding, valid disability ID.
  • To do so, please select the ‘Special rate’ in the Mack International ticket shop.
Ticket Online tickets at the ticket shop Best price tickets with an overnight stay
1-day ticket €49.00 - €56.00¹ €49.00¹
2-day ticket €90.00 - €102.00¹ €90.00¹
3-day ticket not available €114.00¹
ResortPass Silver (Annual pass) €205.00¹ Not available
ResortPass Gold (Annual pass) €365.00¹ Not available
Booking Book tickets Book overnight stay + tickets
Accompaniment required

Corresponding disability ID required.

Guests with visual impairments

Corresponding disability ID required.

  • Free entry, no ticket required
  • If there is no more availability on the day, admission of young guests with disabilities can still be guaranteed as long as the accompanying persons have tickets booked in advance.
Guests that use wheelchairs

Corresponding disability ID required. Applies only to guests who permanently rely on a wheelchair.

  • Free entry, no ticket required
  • If there is no more availability on the day, admission of young guests with disabilities can still be guaranteed as long as the accompanying persons have tickets booked in advance.


Offers on overnight stays for guests with disabilities

Our tip: Combine your visit to Europa-Park with a fantastic overnight stay at the Europa-Park Resort and benefit from the best price, earlier admission to the park before the regular park opening time (exclusively for hotel guests), a secured visit with ticket guarantee and flexible cancellation conditions!

The accessible rooms of the 4* superior themed hotels are able to fulfil all of your specific requirements, while allowing plenty of space for wellness and relaxation. The best conditions that make for an unforgettable visit to the Europa-Park Resort!

Book overnight stays + tickets

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General information on using the attractions for people with visual impairments

Some of our attractions may experience sudden changes in direction, speed or location. There may also be steps, thresholds, automatically opening/closing doors and safety edges. In some cases, the speed and the driving manoeuvre can also be controlled by the passenger.

Employees must be able to understand and follow the instructions. If necessary, the information must be provided by an accompanying person who is at least 16 years old and has unrestricted mobility, vision and hearing. If evacuation is necessary, narrow footbridges, narrow and steep stairs, narrow passages or changing to lifting platforms must be able to be managed, if necessary quickly. In addition, it may be necessary to follow orientation instructions. The evacuation may take longer because it is carried out by specially trained personnel.


The following attractions can be used unaccompanied with visual impairments:

Atlantis Adventure, Adventure Playground, Cinderella, Ba-a-a Express, BIG-Bobby-Car Circuit, Casa da Aventura, Crazy Taxis, Dancing Dingie, The Valiant Little Tailor, The Golden Goose, Dingle Bay, Doctor Know-All, Danube Steamer, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Elf Ride, EP-Express, Euro-Tower, Feria Swing, Flying Dutchman, Cassandra's Curse, Mother Hulda, The Frog King, Grimm Library - Märchenwaldkino, Hansel and Gretel, Jim Button – Journey through Morrowland, Josefina's Magical Imperial Journey, Jungfrau Glacier Flight, Käthe Kruse doll exhibition in the Fairy Tale Gallery, Koffiekopjes, Columbus Dinghy, Lada Autodrom, Laser Adventure - School of Adventurers, Limerick Castle, Lítill Island - Hansgrohe water playground, Little Lamb's Land, London Bus, Madame Freudenreich Curiosités, 4D Magic Cinema, Puppet Boat Ride, Mini-Scooters, Monorail, Mül-Müls Carousel, Carnival barn, Old Mac Donald's Tractor Fun, Panorama Train, Paul's Playboat, Piccolo Mondo, Poppy Towers, Rapunzel, Mir Space Station, Journey to Rulantica - Preview centre, Red Baron, Little Red Riding Hood, Treasure Chamber, House of Schellen Ursli, Sleigh Ride Snowflake, Sheep Rock, Shooting Gallery, Würmchen Wies'n Playground, Spinning Dragons, British Carousel, The Wishing Table, Tower Tow, Vindjammer, Voletarium, Volo da Vinci, Rocking Bridge and Chute, Wabbly Footbridge and Rope Ferry, Water Lane, Whale Adventures – Northern Lights, Dwarf City, Vienna Wave Swinger, Root slides


The following attractions can only be used with visual impairments when accompanied:

Alpine Coaster "Enzian", Alpenexpress Coastiality, ARTHUR, Atlantica SuperSplash, blue fire Megacoaster, Euro-Mir, Eurosat – CanCan Coaster, Eurosat Coastiality, Football Scooter, Matterhorn-Blitz, Vintage Cars, Family Rollercoaster Pegasus, Pirates in Batavia, Quipse Paddle Boats, Swiss Bob Run, Silver Star, Silverstone Race Track, Snorri Touren, Tiroler Log Flume, Water Rollercoaster Poseidon, WODAN – Timburcoaster


The following attractions cannot be used with visual impairments:

Fjord Rafting, Ghost Castle

Silhouette Europa-Park
Guide for guests with visual impairments

In our ‘Guide for guests with visual impairments’ you will find all the information and an overview of the attractions in a compact format. The guide is also available in Braille on-site at Europa-Park.

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Guide dogs & assistance dogs

Assistance dogs, which are identified by the appropriate vest, may be taken along in selected shows in which no animals are used. The dogs must be kept close to the owner and the instructions of the show staff must be followed. A hygiene kit for disposing of dog excrement must be carried with you at all times.

Animals are generally not permitted on rides. Exceptions to this are our means of transport the EP-Express, Monorail Train and Panorama Train, as well as the Euro-Tower attraction, where assistance dogs may be taken along.


Guests with visual impairments can enjoy our show program without further restrictions.

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If you need any help in our restaurants, bars and cafes, our staff will be happy to help you.

Tip: Europa-Park & Rulantica App

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