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Tips for children

at the Europa-Park Hotels

Breakfast with Ed Euromaus and his friends

Ed Euromaus and his friends come and meet our little hotel guests every morning between 8 and 9am (summer season) or between 9 and 10am (winter season) in the different restaurants of the Europa-Park Hotels.
Europa-Park Kleine Gäste Kinderspielecke

Kids corner (Hotel 'Colosseo')

The 'construction site' in the lobby of hotel 'Colosseo' is a paradise for little climbers. The perfect meeting point for all kids who want to romp around. A secret passage through the climbing nets goes upwards and a slide carries the kids back to the ground floor.
Europa-Park Kleine Gäste Kinderdisco

Children’s disco

On summer evenings, children are very welcome to take part in and have fun at our children’s disco with Ed Euromaus on the open-air stage in the spanish themed area. (winter season: the children's disco in the hotel 'El Andaluz')

Ghost Hunter Adventure

Where did the Ghost of 'Bell Rock' hide his treasure? Go on a discovery tour through our grand halls hand-in-hand with our professional ghost hunters. Little adventurers will meet at the 'Blue Saloon' on the lower floor below reception. (Duration of the expedition approx. 30mins.).

'Campo del Mare' at the themed hotel 'Colosseo'

A large ship with water slights is the most popular attraction of our water playground. Colourful tortoise spout water and dolphins spit fountains – here at the 'Campo del Mare' all children will be very excited (only during summer)!
Europa-Park Kleine Gäste Wasserspielplatz

Pueblo del Agua (Hotel 'Castillo Alcazar')

A huge and colourful kid’s climbing tower with a water chute and big whales cater for fun at 'Pueblo del Agua', the 'water village'. Different fountains are perfect for a cooling and the children’s eyes will sparkle with joy (summer season).

Prizes & Awards

The Europa-Park Theme Park & Resort has been a winner of the regional awards 'familien-ferien' (family holidays).