Alpenexpress Enzian

Age & Size
min. 4 yearsmin. 100 cm
open during summer & winter
Level 4: Wild, much thrill
Disabled persons
According to TÜV regulations not suitable for handicapped people.

The Alpenexpress Enzian was the first ever rollercoaster to be built at Europa-Park!

Race up and down through the mountains towards a horizontal loop-the-loop on a train journey to the Magic World of Diamonds.

Why not...


Experience a full 360° video of the Alpenexpress Enzian exclusively on the Coastiality app. With or without virtual reality glasses, the Coastiality app brings Europa-Park right into your home.
Did you know that the Coastiality rides along with the Coastiality app were awarded with the 2017 Computer Games Award for Best Innovation?


Members of Europa-Park JUNIOR CLUB can scan their membership card at the Alpenexpress Enzian attraction in order to collect stars for their club house room and Euromaus avatar. JUNIOR CLUB is a free educational gaming platform for children aged 3+. Available in German and French.

Technical Data

Max Speed: 
Driving Time: 
1min 40sec
38 people/train
Theoretical Capacity: 
1050 people/hour
Mack Rides

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