Atlantica SuperSplash

Age & Size
min. 4 yearsmin. 100 cm
closed during winter
Level 4: Wild, much thrill
Disabled persons
According to TÜV regulations not suitable for handicapped people.

Follow the steps of the big seafarers and discoverers during a fun and splashy ride with the “Atlantica SuperSplash”.Your journey will begin next to the giant sailboat “Santa Marian” and take you via a dimly lit fortress onto an adventures boats tour through the depth of the Atlantic Ocean. Your boat will spin around 30 meters above ground to travel down nine meters deep –backwards! After a second turn and splendid view of the Black Forest you will race with a speed of 80 km/h into the refreshing wet. Nobody will stay dry, guaranteed!

If you prefer compact soil beneath your feet then you can enjoy the splashy fun from a safe distance and relax on our harbour terrace or at the “Raum des Schiffsbaumeisters”.  

Technical Data

Max Speed: 
80 km/h
30 m
Driving Time: 
3 min. 35 sec.
16 persons per boat
Theoretical Capacity: 
1400 persons per hour
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Location in the park