Laser Adventure - School of Adventurers

Age & Size
min. 10 yearsmin. 0 cm
open during summer & winter
Level 3: Moderate, medium thrill
Disabled persons
According to TÜV regulations not suitable for handicapped people.

The next generation of the mysterious 'Adventure Club of Europe' are on the hunt for a secretive book full of codes. The book is located, well hidden, in the dark cellar of the London based 'Adventure Club of Europe' Academy.

But the cellar is secured by a tight net of laser beams. Even the slightest touch of the laser will trigger an alarm and the mission is in danger!

The four young discoverers Belle, Connor, Oni and Oli therefore need your help! Will the succeed to avoid the lasers and discover the book? Only the smartest ones will manage to beat the laser maze.

Do you want to experience more adventures with Belle, Connor, Oni and Oli? From fall 2020, the first volume of the new children's book series 'The Flying School of Adventurers' will be available (in German). The first book, 'The Fire Tiger from Batavia', the young discoverers end up in the Indonesian jungle. You can pre-order the book now: To the online shop.

For further information about the new book series, please visit

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