The ‘Voletarium’ opened its gates in the German themed area on 3rd June 2017.

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The art of architecture

Building Inspiration

When the creative visionaries at Mack Solutions, Europa-Park’s design department, begin a project they first study and research massive amounts of references. Such can be architectural drawings, photos, films and even location scouts.

Sense of arrival

In addition to studying buildings we also look at the areas surrounding them or leading up to them. Every building tells a story, therefore its setting and how you reveal it is equally important.

Dreaming in bricks

After all the research is done our design team members begin dreaming up their own buildings. In this phase there are no limits. The goal is to get many different ideas on paper, to find the best ideas and to shape them into a clear and focused design intention that everybody can agree to.

Creating atmosphere

Aside from designing unique and beautiful buildings the Mack Solutions design team also envisions the atmosphere of the designed spaces. This adds life to the drawings and shows how the area can be experienced by the visitor. We call such drawings 'mood renderings' or 'moods' for short.

Turning ideas into reality

Now that a design has been agreed upon, the designers at Mack Solutions furnish final detailed drawings with accurate measurements that serve as templates for construction.

Construction the buildings

Now engineers come into the process, calculate weight, wind resistance, material durability, how many tons of concrete are needed, how long it will take to build, how much it will cost.

The art of storytelling

The story comes to life

With the concept of the project V locked down, the story settled on two brothers who were both driven, in their respected fields, to make the dream of flying come true.
The Adventure Club of Europe commissioned Professor Andrej Nikolajew to prove definitively whether or not the reclusive Eulenstein brothers in 1825 had already carried out the first manned flight.

First designs

First concept sketches of the interior of the institute were rendered. We wanted to create a warm and aristocratic feel for some of the rooms.

Dreaming up a story

One of the first story concepts we developed centred around seven wise old men and women who once pioneered a mysterious flying machine. The stork was to be their symbol. This idea was abandoned because we felt that seven new characters would be too many to introduce in the queue line.

The theme of flying remained and we still liked the idea that someone had once engineered a mysterious flying machine. The story called for a place where the dream of flying was to become reality.

Initially the attraction was called 'Flying Over Europe', now the title of the first film. We decided not to limit the attraction to just one film or theme so that other films could be shown in the future. Therefore a broader concept and story were needed.

The art of movie making

'Location, location, location'

The famous quote not only applies to real estate but also to the making of a 'fly-over' film. Many different locations from all across Europe were considered for filming until 14 destinations were decided upon. The final selection was based on accessibility, safety and variance.

Previs – making the movie before the movie

Previs means pre-visualization, a process used to digitally make a demo of the film to see what works and what doesn’t. The entire film was first created digitally and tested until every shot was agreed upon.

Lights, camera, action

Shooting a 'Fly-over' film is technically very challenging. Several cameras must be mounted together to create an image large enough for projection.

Mobile Game: Voletarium - Sky Explorer

Don't just dream about flying - become a Sky Explorer and discover the skies!

In the mobile game 'Voletarium: Sky Explorers', you can live the dream of flying.
How? By going on the search for the legendary 'Volatus II' flying machine. In Voletarium, the former workshop of the inventors Eulenstein, you are able to develop your own flying machine to fly way up high and follow the traces of 'Volatus II' through foreign countries.


About the Mobile Game