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We look forward to amaze you with numerous new attractions for big and small this year. Click here to find out what you can discover this year.

All Information 2020

Pirates in Batavia

In summer 2020, it will be time! The pirates will take back the command with the newly designed attraction Pirates in Batavia in the Dutch themed area.

Further information regarding the re-opening at the end of July can be found on our website.

Look forward to the adventure with Bartholomeus van Robbemond and his fight for the legendary dagger! An underground ride in the water, exotic sounds and unforgettable sceneries, with 125 figures, will surely take your breath away!

In keeping with this, the short film ‘Departure for Batavia’ will be shown in 2D several times a day in the Magic Cinema 4D from the start of the season.

New house facades in Holland

From the 2020 summer season, you can admire the beautiful, newly-designed house facades in the Dutch village. The traditional atmosphere will surely make you forget about all of your daily stresses.

There will also be a special comeback: The Pirates in Batavia will conquer the Dutch themed area again, from summer 2020! And they are also bringing the Bamboe Baai restaurant back: Enjoy delicious Asian dishes as well as fresh salad bowls in the newly-designed setting - pirates always in sight!

Nord Stream 2 Dome

From the 2020 summer season, an adventure awaits visitors in the new Nord Stream 2 Dome in the Icelandic themed area. Experience the four elements air, fire, water and earth on another level! Huge LED walls will send you on an imaginary trip to the construction of the extraordinary infrastructure project 'Nord Stream 2'.

And not only as a visitor of the Nord Stream 2 Dome - guests in the waiting area of blue fire Megacoaster, powered by Nord Stream 2, can also explore the under-water world of the Baltic Sea.

Magnum Pleasure Store

You have always wanted to create your own ice cream? No problem - when the 2020 summer season finally begins, you can do this in the Icelandic themed area! According to your wishes and cravings, the vanilla ice creams are dipped in white or milk chocolate, and refined with toppings, such as almonds or colourful sugar pearls and various delicious sauces.

Stop by one of the world's few stationary Magnum Pleasure Stores and enjoy your very own delicious, favourite Magnum Ice Cream.

Hansgrohe Handwash-Center

Here, washing your hands is an experience! From the beginning of the 2020 summer season, you can learn how to perfectly wash your hands in the Icelandic themed area. Ed Euromaus will show little visitors how its done, while adults can test their knowledge around hand washing. Come by and enjoy the feeling of perfectly washed hands. Discover more

Glass Studio Europa Radio

The Europa-Park Radio becomes Europa Radio! From the 2020 Summer Season, the radio cannot only be listened to in Europa-Park, but also experienced: A glass studio is being built in the French themed area which will give you the opportunity to look over the moderators’ shoulders. You can also request songs and send your wishes from Europa-Park into the world.

Svalgurok & Snorri Strand

From 2021, visitors of Rulantica can look forward to even more water fun. After the opening in 2019, building works for the first extension of the water world have already begun. As the focus of Rulantica has so far been on the indoor area, the outdoor offering will now be extended.

Not one but two new areas will guarantee lots of outdoor water fun from next year: Svalgurok offers fun for the whole family with a range of new slides and will be Germany’s largest water playground, while Snorri Strand will offer perfect water and sliding fun for little Snorri fans.

Wellnessarea at hotel ‘Krønasår‘

Pure relaxation will soon be offered by our ‘Krønasår – The Museum-Hotel’. A wellness area with fitness room, different saunas, calm areas and a comfy fireplace lounge will soon be waiting for you. The perfect end to an exciting day at Rulantica or Europa-Park.

Snorri Touren

There are new attractions to be discovered at Europa-Park, too, as a new attraction welcomes you into the vault under the Scandinavian village. It’s all aboard at Snorri Touren, the boats for the long journey to the mysterious island of Rulantica are ready to depart.

Together with Snorri, the new mascot of the new indoor water world Rulantica, you will discover his home and get an overview of the different settings of the magical island.

Travel to the North!

In November 2019, the time had finally come: the new indoor water world Rulantica at the gates of Europa-Park is an impressive sight, with 25 attractions such as a huge wave pool, 17 water slides and a 250-metre-long lazy river. There’s guaranteed to be water fun for the whole family in the nine Nordic themed settings.

Right next to Rulantica, our new themed hotel ‘Krønasår’ warmly welcomes you. Follow in the footsteps of great researchers and explorers in the themed rooms and benefit from exclusive and direct access to Rulantica.

Look forward to another year full of unforgettable moments and experiences that will astonish you!