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From 14th May 2024, the Austrian themed area will enchant visitors with an alpine mountain world, imperial flair and plenty of adventure and enjoyment

At the heart of the Austria theme area, the new Magical Valley of Diamonds casts a spell over young adventurers and big explorers alike. In the alpine mountain world, raging rivers carve their way, thundering waterfalls plunge into the depths and impressive, majestic rocks tower high into the air.

Explore the legendary home of the friendly little mythical creatures on the Yomi Adventure Trail and discover the hidden gemstone grotto. These mischievous inhabitants of the mountains utilise the magical powers of nature to delight visitors with all kinds of mischief and enchanting surprises. Every corner of this magical world is designed with loving details that stimulate the imagination and invite discovery.

For thrill-seekers, the Tyrolean Log Flume offers a refreshing ride through the Alps, while the Alpine Express 'Enzian' takes its passengers on a fast-paced journey through the picturesque mountain and valley landscape.

Josefina's Magical Imperial Journey on the great lake takes you on a tranquil boat trip through a picturesque palace garden. On the opposite side of the lake, the Danube steamer sets sail under the Austrian flag. The Vienna Water Waltz water show is particularly opulent, with fountains up to 40 metres high moving to the beat of Austrian composers and musicians.

Afterwards, recharge your batteries with delicious dishes in the rustic and alpine atmosphere of the Seehaus restaurant. Our little visitors can romp around in the Würmchen Wies'n playground among colourful worms and mushrooms.

The Magic Gorge of Diamonds with the attractions Alpine Express Enzian, Tyrolean Log Flume, Alpine Express Coastiality and the new Yomi Adventure Trail will open on 14th May 2024.

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