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Time does not stand still at Europa-Park

We look forward to enchanting you this year again, with numerous new attractions for big and small! See here what you can discover!

All new attractions and further developments

in the theme park

With the start of the season, a new country makes its way into Europa-Park's themed world: the Principality of Liechtenstein, located between the Globe Theatre and the Swiss Bobsleigh Run, is the 16th European themed area. The centrepiece is the balloon ride, which has been completely revamped within the last year and was first opened in 1996. In new splendour and under the name Liechtenstein Balloon Ride, the classic attraction now promises even more fun for the whole family. Enjoy the pleasant breeze in one of the ten colourful balloons! Completely new are the Liechtenstein Square with the large coat of arms of the Principality and a miniature version of the Liechtenstein Path.

From the 2023 summer season, the Yomis and Josefina will move into Grimm's Fairy-tale Forest. The family-friendly film adventure 'Fina & the Yomis' tells a tale from the childhood of the fictional empress and brings the popular characters from the Austrian themed area to the screen of the Fairy-tale Forest Cinema. The enchanting film theatre was elaborately redesigned, equipped with numerous interactive elements and the latest cinema technology.

The Dome of Dreams also awaits the whole family with a brand-new film experience. The 360° film adventure 'Nikola Tesla's Beautiful Croatia' in the Dome of Dreams takes you on a breathtaking journey through gorgeous sceneries of Croatia. Your tour of discovery starts in the middle of the laboratory of Nikola Tesla, who was born in what today is Croatia. The Dome of Dreams has recently been equipped with state-of-the-art projectors and a new screen.

In the blue fire Dome, on the other hand, everything now revolves around virtual realities! YULLBE GO has moved in and takes you to unique virtual worlds. Put on your VR goggles and let the adventure begin!

At Europa-Park, you can also look forward to an ever changing show program. Let yourself be surprised.  

Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac
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Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac

Beyond vertical – The new multi launch coaster 2024

Between the Poseidon water coaster and Euro-Mir, a brand new action-packed rollercoaster is being built with Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac!

The new coaster will fascinate with an incomparable overall package of thrills, atmosphere as well as technology and set new standards in rollercoaster construction. Voltron Nevera combines numerous innovative elements: With seven inversions, four launches, 2.2 seconds of continuous weightlessness and the world record with the steepest launch of 105°, an intense and incomparable ride experience that is unique worldwide has been created.

More about the 2024 highlight attraction

The Magical Valley of Diamonds

An alpine world of adventure with high mountains and deep valleys awaits you in the Austrian themed area in 2024!

Hooray! The mountain is calling, the Alpine Express 'Enzian' is whistling and down below the log flume is shooting through roaring waters - all this awaits you in 2024 in the new Magical Valley of Diamonds 
in the Austrian themed area

The popular family attraction Alpine Express ‘Enzian' is being redesigned and the Tyrolean log flume also invites you to new (wet) adventures. The impressive rocky landscape with ten metre high waterfalls creates a unique Alpine atmosphere that can be discovered in 2024! The Yomi Adventure Trail is brand new! The adventurous high-altitude trail with suspension bridges, many climbing elements and two slides takes you on cliffs up to twelve metres high through the Magical Valley of Diamonds all the way to the gemstone grotto, the home of the Yomis!

Tip for all Yomi fans: a new picture book with exciting stories about the colourful magical creatures will also be published in 2024.

More highlights & news

YULLBE - Frau mit YULLBE-VR-Helm


The VR adventure centre, right next to the hotel 'Krønasår' and opposite Rulantica:

  • Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly (YULLBE PRO)
  • The Phantom of the Opera (YULLBE GO)
  • Miniatur Wunderland - The Crazy Shrunken Tour (YULLBE PRO)
  • Miniatur Wunderland - Walking in Wunderland (YULLBE GO)
Das neue Fahrgeschäft "Tønnevirvel" im Außenbereich von Rulantica

Water World Rulantica

More water fun!

  • Rulantica VIP Svit (August 2023) & Rulantica Svit (July 2023): spacious Day Suites at the highest level
  • Damp Huset (from June 2023): The new feel-good experience in the quiet and sauna area Hyggedal
  • Snorri's Dune (from May 2023): Cosy loungers and Beach Sofas to relax on
  • Nordiskturn (February 2023): Eight slides for even more action-filled water fun
  • New Rulantica VIP yachts (July 2022): Plenty of privacy and comfort for those seeking peace and quiet
  • Tønnevirvel (July 2022): Interactive roundabout
Infinity Pool Hotel Kronasar

Themed hotels & Camp Resort

  • Suites at hotel 'Krønasår' (August 2022)
  • Infinity pool at hotel 'Krønasår' (August 2022)

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Motiv des Podcastformats The World Beyond

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Panorama Themenbereich Frankreich

Europa-Park sound on Spotify

Wherever you hear music at Europa-Park - in the attractions, the hotels or the shows, in musicals and the films: it comes from the pens of renowned composers, is accompanied by great orchestras, performed by top solo artists and arranged by popular producers. They all provide moving goosebump moments with their music. With the Spotify playlists, we want to give you a bit of Europa-Park for home. Enjoy the unique Europa-Park sound during the exciting but also the quiet moments in life!  

Motiv Going Bananas mit SChriftzug und Ian Jenkins auf einer blauen Banane


Ian Jenkins takes you on a journey into the dazzling world of show business.
Who could be more suitable to have insightful and exciting conversations with international artists than someone, who has work on the big stages of this world himself? In the podcast 'GOING BANANAS', Ian Jenkins, two-time pair figure skating world champion, talks to interesting personalities form the world of showbusiness. The show promises pure entertainment - not just for fans of the industry.

You can also watch the interview on the Studio78 YouTube channel - don't miss it!

The English podcast or videocast can be heard at

Silhouette Europa-Park
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