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Eurosat Cancan Coaster bei Nacht

Re-designing Eurosat

The history of the cult rollercoaster

Since the opening of the French themed area in 1989, the silver sphere of Eurosat has been one of the landmarks of Europa-Park. At 37-metre-high, the silver sphere is an integral part of the Europa-Park panorama.


100 Jahre Franz Mack

Development and build

The concept and development of Eurosat came from Franz Mack, founding father of Europa-Park. His son Roland Mack developed the concept of the French themed area together with Ulrich Damrau, in which the popular sphere was integrated. Since 1989, Eurosat has been inviting guests to go on an adrenaline-fueled ride through the dark and quickly became a favourite among guests.

Eurosat vor der Umgestaltung

Flight through space

Through a futuristic space theme, guests flew past stars and planets in the space shuttle. After 29 years and over 80 million astronauts transported, it was time for a new coat of paint. In honor of the inventor of Eurosat, Franz Mack, the track layout was kept close to the original.

ico_musik Created with Sketch.

Re-design to Eurosat - CanCan Coaster

During the re-design in 2018, the silhouette of the sphere remained as a landmark, but has been equipped with new tracks, new technology, and a new theming inside. From now on, start your journey through the art district of Montmartre in Paris, to the famous cult variety Moulin Rouge and past famous landmarks from the Belle Époque. The extensive transformation of the cult rollercoaster is a tribute to the diversity of French culture and to the magical lifestyle of France.
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Moulin Rouge

Historisches Bild des Moulin Rouge

A beginning in the Belle Époque

The story of the Moulin Rouge began on 6th October 1889 in the heart of the Belle Époque. Founder Joseph Oller and then-director Charles Zidler wanted to give aristocrats an insight into the world of the lower classes in a fashionable district: Montmartre, where festivals and artists blended with enjoyment and beauty.

Historisches Bild des Moulin Rouge

The new meeting spot of society

The extravagant place, both a cabaret and garden, soon became a meeting spot of all social classes. A new dance - wild, cheeky, and sporty - was becoming more and more popular at the time: the French cancan. It gradually came to represent the house.

Historisches Bild einer Tänzerin im Moulin Rouge

The Time of Mistinguett

In the light-hearted 1920s, the perfectionist Mistinguett was at the height of her fame and directed all the artistic aspects of the Moulin Rouge. She staged the ballet, the costumes, the scenery, and the music and gave the Moulin Rouge a touch of modernity.

Historisches Plakat des Moulin Rouge

The Golden Twenties

Feathers, silks, bright colours, sequins, rhinestones, and lights: The revues of the Golden Twenties enchanted visitors by becoming more and more spectacular. Mistinguett became the queen of both the French and international scene: ‘la Revue Mistinguett’, ‘Ça c'est Paris’, and ‘Paris qui tourne’ are just a few examples of her creations.

Historisches Plakat des Moulin Rouge

The Clerico Family Takes Over

In 1955, the Clerico family took over the Moulin Rouge and still today continue to delight the audience. With the development of a new kitchen area in 1959, a revolutionary offer was introduced to meet an increasingly international clientele: the 'Dinner Show', a combination of a revue with culinary delights, made the Moulin Rouge world famous.

Historisches Plakat des Moulin Rouge

A lucky letter is born

The success of the revue from 1963, ‘Frou Frou’, marks the beginning of the ‘F' revue series. For superstitious reasons, Jacki Clerico has since only selected show titles that begin with the letter ‘F', considered the lucky letter. To date, ten revues have been performed at the Moulin Rouge starting with this letter.

Tänzerinnen im Moulin Rouge Paris

As magnificent as ever

Since 1999, the Moulin Rouge and its 60 artists have been presenting the ‘Féerie’ revue. Guests can look forward to two inspiring hours of entertainment with countless dances and surprise moments. Every evening, 1000 costumes full of feathers, crystals and sequins, outstanding performances, original French music and of course the 'French CanCan' invite guests to dream. 

Moulin Rouge
Official partner of the Moulin Rouge

MOULIN ROUGE® is a registered trademark of Moulin Rouge SA.

ico_vr_virtual_reality_coastiality Created with Sketch.

Eurosat Coastiality

During the refurbishment, a second station with mobile tracks and separate trains has been integrated in the dark ride. This way, two attractions have been incorporated in one coaster using the same tracks.

With ‘Eurosat Coastiality’, Europa-Park offers its guests a VR experience that is unique in the world and has been enhanced with scenes from Luc Besson's epic cinema hit ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’. This adventure in space ensures that the Eurosat continues with its popular universe theme.
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Europa-Park is in hibernation and opens its gates again on 25.03.2023.
The water world Rulantica, YULLBE, Eatrenalin as well as most of our 4-star (superior) themed hotels are open continuously during the low season for you and your loved ones.