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Teatro Blick auf Bühne während Show


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Latest information

The theme park will start into the 2023 summer season on 25.03.2023.

While Europa-Park is hibernating, we are hard at work developing new shows! You'll be surprised! 

Show highlights

Surpr'Ice with the Fire Tiger, tanzendes Paar, Eisshow

Ice Arena (Greece)

Spectacular entertainment on ice

Sit back and be enchanted by the winning combination of glamorous performance and top-class figure skating! Graceful pirouettes, powerful leaps, and elegant lifts offer the audience a masterclass in figure skating entertainment.

El Baron in der Europa-Park Arena im Themenbereich Spanien

Spanish Arena (Spain)

Breathtaking stunt show with horses

The Arena Show takes you way, way back in time: In the formidable setting of the Spanish Arena, there can be only one winner in the fight beween good and evil! Witness breathtaking stunts performed on horseback and impressive special effects which make sure that you won't forget our 'Arena Show' any time soon.

Times Three - The Acrobatic Show, tanzende Gruppe

Globe Theater (England)

Unique experience

The Globe Theater is modelled on the Elizabethan Globe Theatre that was host to many of the great William Shakespeare's plays in his day. Even now, the stage is filled with pure entertainment. Experience world famous musicals with impressive dance performances and captivating songs that will blur the borders between the stage and the audience.

Teatro Blick auf Bühne während Show

Europa-Park Teatro (Italy)

Superb artistry, dance, and comedy

Enjoy a fantastic show programme in a stylish, baroque setting: thrilling musicians, magical entertainers and world-class artists ensure world-class entertainment.

Man juggling with cones

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It's showtime

Colourful show programme

Flamenco El Rincón

Open air stage (Spain)

Traditional dance

The lively clip-clop of hooves through sounds through the alley ways, a light scent of sangria and tapas in the air and the echo of dancing shoes resounding across the floor - welcome to the Spanish themed area! At the village square, the Ballett Español transports you into the fiery world of Flamenco with traditional rhythms and sensual choreography.

Show in den JUNIOR CLUB Studios

JUNIOR CLUB Studios (Holland)

Interactive show for kids

In the JUNIOR CLUB Studios, Ed Euromaus and his friends invite all kids to take part in this interactive show. Only a few final scenes are missing for the new music video and Ed and Edda need the help of the kids to finish it. In this interactive stage show, music, dance and innovative film technology meet to allow guests of all ages to dive into the world of their favourite characters.

Show "Limerick Bubbles" in Irland

Limerick Castle (Ireland)

Astounding bubble show

Gigantic soap bubbles... beautiful but short-lived illusions, delicate works of art brought to life by Hammo Bensalah. Their astounding beauty is gone in the wink of an eye, but maybe that's why their memory lasts for so long...

Publikum bei der Show Piratas da Atlantica

Open air stage (Portugal)

Breathtaking jumps from unbelievable heights

Ready to jump, set, and down into the water! The high diving professionals exhibit their skill and courage with somersaults, screws, and more from tremendous heights.

Only during the summer months

Parade im Park

Europa-Park Parade

Celebrate with us!

Be part of the colourful parade of dancers, artists and, of course, Ed Euromaus! The fun-loving group moves through Europa-Park on impressively decorated floats, accompanied by fun music, of course!

Karneval in Venedig im Teatro mit Publikum

Carnival of Venice (Italy)

Unique show

70 mobile birds celebrate Carnival with traditional Venetian masks. Be fascinated by the colourful and lively happenings.

Film & projections

Motiv zum Film im Traumzeit-Dome "Nicola Tesla's Beautiful Croatia"

New 2023: Nikola Tesla's Beautiful Croatia

Lean back and enjoy

The 360° film adventure Nikola Tesla's Beautiful Croatia in the Dome of Dreams takes you on a breathtaking journey through gorgeous sceneries of Croatia, home country of the inventor Nikola Tesla. Your tour of discovery starts in the middle of his laboratory: the revolutionary invention of the scientist enables a completely new way of travelling, with which you can explore the most beautiful places in Croatia in a way never seen before. Immerse yourself in the fascinating story of Nikola Tesla and experience Croatia like never before. 

Märchenwald Kinofilm Fina & die Yomis

Fina & The Yomis

In 'Josefina's Magical Imperial Journey', empress Josefina takes us on a journey through her kingdom - but who are the little free trolls, who do mischief everywhere? The answer to this can be seen in the new Enchanted Forest film 'Fina & The Yomis' from this summer!

Silhouette Europa-Park
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Our offers during the off-season

Europa-Park is in hibernation and opens its gates again on 25.03.2023.
The water world Rulantica, YULLBE, Eatrenalin as well as most of our 4-star (superior) themed hotels are open continuously during the low season for you and your loved ones.