Snorri Touren

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open during summer & winter
Level 1: Cosy, relaxed
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This autumn, in the Scandinavian themed area, another highlight awaits that is fitting for Rulantica, the new water world of Europa-Park.

In the new themed trip ‘Snorri Touren’, the naughty octopus takes you to the mysterious island of Rulantica to show you his world. For example, in the green Trølldal, the trolls celebrate with a great party while Snorri plays the drums. Beyond the trolls is a colourful underwater world where sea people swim curiously around the boats of the visitors. Yet in this healing place, danger lurks in the form of mighty sea serpent Svalgur, which seems to be frozen in the eternal ice... or perhaps not?

Dive into the magical world of ‘Rulantica’ as early as autumn 2019 and go on tour with Snorri.

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