Discover the fascinating story behind Rulantica on the interactive website explore-rulantica.

Your journey begins in the lobby of the Museum-Hotel Krønasår. Under the watchful eye of a huge snake skeleton, you will learn some new facts about the legends surrounding Rulantica in the beautiful lobby. Once the snake awakens you will fly to the magical island of Rulantica. There, you can click from one area to the next and discover exciting stories and unique artworks and information.

Do you know the mystical creatures that are believed to live in Trølldal or have you wandered through the contorted Rangnakor? No? What are you waiting for?!

Be amazed and dive into the mystical world of Rulantica. Enjoy exploring!


For the best experience we recommend the browsers Chrome and Firefox for desktop and iOS12.0 and Android 8 for mobile devices.