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Sustainable Water Fun

Mindful of the environment

The family business Mack has always put emphasis on sustainable economics which is manifested in the company's values: "We are aware of our responsibilities for the environment and culture and are honouring it through carefully dealing with the environment, commodities and buildings."

During the construction of the water world, we strongly valued its sustainability. We would like to introduce some examples. 

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The Rulantica Thermos

A special feature of the energy management of Rulantica is the extraordinary technology in the outdoor area. About 400 cubic metres of water, responsible for all the fun and action throughout the day, are pumped out of the torrent Vildstrøm and into an underground tank overnight. This tank can be compared to a massive thermos, because the water keeps its cosy temperature in here. Before the new day begins in Rulantica, the 80 metres long wild river will be re-filled with the saved warm water.

Badespaß mit der ganzen Familie im Trølldal

Water Purification in Rulantica

Several years ago, various tests regarding the purification of water were carried out at the pool area of the hotel 'El Andaluz'. With the help of these test, a filter technology has been developed which can recycle about 80% of the wastewater. This means, that only around 20% of the daily water requirements of Rulantica are covered by fresh water. This water is pumped from two of our own deep wells and treated on site.


Photovoltaikanlagen auf dem Besucherparkplatz von Rulantica

Solar Energy

Around 1.1 million kilowatt hours of electricity are produced yearly by a photovoltaics site, especially for Rulantica. This site is located in front of the water world and is equipped with 3,000 solar panels, avoiding approximately 600 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year. Roland Mack: "Our philosophy follows a clear and all-inclusive approach. We are continuously and efficiently working on the improvement of environmental, economical and social sustainability."
The photovoltaics site brings an additional benefit: Through the site, about half of the guest car park is covered, offering sheltered spaces for about 400 vehicles. This allows the cars to be fully protected from the hot sun during the summer and from rain, ice and snow in the winter.

Technik in Rulantica

Block-heating Station

Two block-heating stations take care of the heating and electricity in Rulantica. They provide not only Rulantica with 15.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity each year, but also the next-door 4* themed hotel 'Krønasår'.
Did you know: Since 2014, Europa-Park has been running two more block-heating stations. These produce 2.6 million kilowatt hours of electricity each year, with which the in-house buildings such as workshops and administration are supplied with electricity and heating.

Rulantica Rangnakor Hyddas

LED and energy saving lamps

We prioritised the idea of sustainability for the lighting of Rulantica as well. The lighting mood is mainly achieved by LED lights that require a minimal use of energy. The rest of the lighting is covered by energy saving lamps.

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The Environmental Balance

In harmony with nature

Already during the planning and construction of Rulantica and the hotel 'Krønasår', the living spaces of animals and plants were taken into consideration and protected. In addition to this, a planning group for landscape and environment from Freiburg in cooperation with the regional authorities developed a complete catalogue of balancing measures that are being implemented.

An environmental working group, founded in 2015 by Ann-Kathrin Mack, member of the Executive Board, that consists of representatives of Europa-Park, the community of Rust as well as nature and environmental experts, is making sure that these measures are thoroughly implemented.

2,000 trees, 18,000 bushes, and 60,000 flowers have been planted and a bee pavilion with 50,000 bees as well as a bat corridor have been built, allowing the animals to transition into the wood land.

Some more balancing measures for Rulantica are currently in the making: An adventure trail, a walking path, a family trail, a water trail as well as an environment-themed station will be built on the premises, in the following months and years.

The Rulantica premises - a newly built local recreation site, which follows the motto 'Environment meets Design', and combines effectiveness, aesthetics and sustainability.

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