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Gastronomy in Rulantica

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Rulantica has a lot to offer, even when it comes to culinary delights.

There are no limits when it comes to your creativity

Langnese Happiness Station

Langnese Happiness Station

Sweet teeth, watch out: At the Langnese Happiness Station, soft ice cream dreams come true. The stations are located right next to the Snekkjas in the city on stilts Rangnakor and in the Strand Kök in the outdoor area, and offer top treats: freshly mixed soft ice cream with a wide selection of toppings as well as ice cream. Delicious!

Coca-Cola Freestyle - Fylla Upp

Coca‑Cola freestyle fylla upp

If you wish to mix your own refreshment drink, the Coca-Cola freestyle-stations fylla upp are just for you! Whether classic or sugar-free, with Coca-Cola, Fanta, Bonaqua, cherry, raspberry or grape flavour - discover the many Coca-Cola freestyle possibilities. The Coca-Cola freestyle-stations fylla up can be found in Lumålunda, in the Snekkjas and in the Strand Kök.

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Preferences & Intolerances

The perfect stay in Rulantica 

The gastronomy options in Rulantica also offer a selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes.


We also offer gluten-free dishes i.e. pizza and muffins.

For hygiene reasons, food may not be brought into the water world, but must be kept in the locker for the duration of the visit and may be consumed in the lobby (Kelpie Café).

Drinks may be taken into the water world with one restriction: glass bottles are not permitted for safety reasons and must be stowed in lockers.