Important information about the new water world

Tickets & Prices

When will tickets for Rulantica become available?
Tickets for the new water world Rulantica are now available in combination with a hotel stay for the following dates: 01.12.2019 until 27.03.2020.
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Tickets for day visitors will be available approximately three months prior to the preferred day of visit in our Online Ticket Shop.

Will I also be able to buy tickets at the cashier?
As capacity for Rulantica is limited, tickets for entry into the water world will need to be purchased online in advance. Where available, you’ll also be able to purchase last-minute tickets at the cashier for a €4 surcharge.

What if I don’t want to spend the whole day in the water park? Will there be the option of a half-day / season ticket or evening ticket?
Up to date information on the availability of tickets will be released shortly.

Will the Club Card cover entry to Rulantica? / Will there be any special offers for Club Card holders?
The Europa-Park Club Card does not include entry to Rulantica.
There are currently no special offers planned for Club Card holders.

Will there be an annual pass for Rulantica?
There won’t be a separate Rulantica club card for now.

Will I need to pay to use the lockers?
Yes; lockers will be available for €1 per day.

Will hotel guests benefit from early-bird entry?
Yes; hotel guests will be able to gain entry to Rulantica one hour earlier than other guests.

Will there be a combi-ticket for Europa-Park and Rulantica?
There won't be a combi-ticket for now.

Will hotel guests pay the same price?
Yes; all guests will pay the same price, but hotel guests will be able to enjoy an extra hour in the new water world before it opens to other guests.

What about parking? Will I need to pay for parking, like at Europa-Park?
Yes; just like in Europa-Park, parking will be charged at €7 per car per day.

How can I pay for things in the water park?
You’ll be a given an RFID wristband, which you will use instead of cash during your visit – anything you buy during your visit will be scanned onto your wristband, and you’ll pay when you leave Rulantica. You’ll also use your wristband to access the park and your locker.

Opening Times

What will be the actual opening times for Rulantica?
Information on the opening times of Rulantica will be released shortly.

Will you be open all year round?
We’re currently planning to open all year round (except 24 and 25 December). We will, however, at times need to close the park for short periods for maintenance, but will announce such closures in advance on this website.

Will Rulantica be completely ready by the end of 2019?
All attractions should be ready for Rulantica’s opening. However, as the new water world is such a huge project, unforeseeable circumstances, such as safety issues, may cause delays.

Is the water park accessible for all?
Accessibility was, of course, taken into account when planning the water park. Most of the facilities with the exception of some slides will be accessible for guests with special needs.

General information

How far is the water park from Europa-Park? Will there be a shuttle service?
Yes; there’ll be a shuttle bus for Europa-Park hotel resort guests,
every 15-30 minutes, depending on the time of day: when the park opens in the morning and when it closes in the evening, the shuttle will run every 15 minutes, and every 30 minutes throughout the day and after the park has closed.

From what age is the water park suitable for children?
Like Europa-Park, Rulantica has been designed as a water theme park for the entire family.
For safety reasons, some attractions have age and/or height restrictions.

Will you need to be a good swimmer?
For some attractions, yes.

Will you be allowed to smoke in the water park?
Smoking will not be permitted within Rulantica. There will, however, be a smoking area in the park’s outdoor area.

Will Rulantica have Wi-Fi?
Yes. Wi-Fi will be available in the water park.

Will I be allowed to bring my own food and drinks?
For hygiene reasons, guests will not be permitted to bring their own food. For safety reasons, no glass containers such as bottles will be permitted.

Will there be a dress code? In some pools, you will not be permitted to swim in trousers, for instance.
For hygiene reasons, the rule will be that proper swimwear must be worn in Rulantica. Further information will be published in the pool rules on this website as soon as it becomes available.

Prices subject to change, all information without guarantee.