Guests with special needs

Admission tickets at a special rate for your prefered day of visit are available in our online ticket shop. For a guaranteed admission, we recommend that you buy the ticket online in advance for the day of your visit. The special rate is only valid in conjunction with a disability card, so please bring this with you.

If your card contains the designation 'B', 'Bl', 'aG' or 'H', one accompanying person (aged 18+) will get free admission.
You will receive the ticket for the accompanying person on the day of your visit at the information office at the entrance of Rulantica upon presenting your disabled ID showing the necessary details.
Advanced online booking of the entrance ticket for the accompanying person is not required.

Information can be obtained from the staff in the entrance area as well as at the Guest Relation Office in Rulantica. If you have any questions, please contact our staff. We are happy to help. Suggestions and criticism can be left at our information desk.

In Rulantica there are several water wheelchairs available for free hire, and your own wheelchair can be stored in a wheelchair compartment during your visit. Our water wheelchairs are suitable for travelling on the paths and entering Rulantica pools (depending on your personal physique) If you are interested in a water wheelchair, please contact our reception staff.
Since the number of wheelchairs is limited, it may occur that all wheelchairs are already lent. A advance reservation is not possible.

In the front section of the visitor car park are designated parking spaces for visitors with disabilities who have a blue special parking pass. Please leave your special parking pass clearly visible while you park there. Wheelchair users and the blind with the designation aG or Bl get a free parking pass in the entrance area of Rulantica.

Most of the paths and areas that pass through Rulantica are traversable without obstacles. Elevators connect different levels with each other and provide barrier-free access to the lobby, restaurants and shopping areas.

Toilets for visitors with disabilities can be found in the lobby at the entrance of Rulantica. There are also special showers and changing rooms with wider doors and grab bars.

We strive to make as many themed areas and attractions as possible accessible to guests with special needs. 
The toddler pool, the Surf Fjord and Snorri's Saga are equipped with walk-in access ramps that can also be used with our water-wheelchairs (companion is recommended). 
The Technical Inspection Association (TÜV) and the manufacturers of water slides specify requirements and capabilities that must be fulfilled and must be present in order to use the attractions. Since your safety is our greatest concern, we are happy to provide you with information on the requirements of the respective attractions.