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You have questions regarding your stay at Rulantica? We have the answers!

Ticket Purchase & Onsite Payment

Where can I buy tickets?

Due to limited availability, we recommend to book your tickets in advance, so that you can secure entry on your preferred date. The tickets are day-based and available in the ticket shop. In case of available space, you can buy tickets onsite at the ticket office, at an additional cost of €6.00¹.


In case your preferred date is currently not yet available in the ticket shop, we offer tickets further in the future through the hotel booking route, or alternatively the voucher ticket which can be dated at a later time in our ticket shop.

You can find all ticket categories & offers in the price overview.

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How do payments on site work?

Payments in Rulantica are made cashless through a transponder band ('Rula Band'). Purchases are booked on the Rula Band during your visit and paid when you leave Rulantica. The band is also used to gain entry and as locker key.

If required there is an option to limit or block the amount of credit on the wristband. Please contact a member of staff on site during check-in if necessary.

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The Europa-Park EMOTIONS Gift Card is also valid for Rulantica, and can be used in the following ways:

  • To make a payment onsite in Rulantica (exceptions: Kelpie Café and panoraama - The Rulantica Bar)

The new EMOTIONS gift card (with PIN on the back) can now be used as a payment method online in the Mack International ticket shop. To the ticket shop

Annual Pass

With the new ResortPass Gold you can flexibly visit Europa-Park on all opening days and enjoy the unique atmosphere in Rulantica with the two included day tickets.

More information

General Questions

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Do you have to be a good swimmer?

Depending on the attraction, good swimming skills are essential

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Are there weight restrictions for the slides at Rulantica?

There is a weight restriction in Rulantica on the Vinter Rytt slide. The maximum total weight here is 320kg per tube.

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Are smartphones & GoPros permitted in Rulantica?

Smartphones are permitted in Rulantica (e.g. usage as eBook, browsing on the internet, etc.). When taking pictures or videos with your smartphone or any other electronic device, you must consider the personal privacy of other guests, and make sure that nobody feels uncomfortable.

With the exception of the attractions Dugdrob & Vildfål as well as Isbrekker, the usage of action cams (e.g. GoPros) with a head holder are permitted.

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Is there WiFi in Rulantica?

Yes, free WiFi is available in Rulantica.

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Is the Water World accessible?

The majority of the areas are wheelchair user friendly. Lifts link the traffic areas with eachother, making the lobby, gastronomy and shopping areas accessible as well. The changing rooms, toilets and shower areas are very spacious. Water wheelchairs (limited capacity) enable you to move around. You can find more information on our info page for guests with disabilities.

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What is the temperature in the pools?

Depending on the season and the outside temperature, the temperature in the pools is between 27 and 32 °C.

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Is there a spa area?

In our exclusive relaxation and sauna area Hyggedal, three nude saunas (aged 18+) as well as a quiet area are available for you to use.

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Is there a dress code?

In Rulantica, bathing suits made out of special bathing material are essential, due to hygienic reasons. You can find more information in paragraph 3.15. of the park and bathing regulations

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Are there limitations for guests that wear glasses?

Due to security reasons, glasses are not permitted on the water slides Dugdrob & Vildfål as well as Isbrekker. We further advise not to wear glasses on the other slides as well. Spectacle storage is available at various slides.

Can I leave the Rulantica Water World during my visit?

We are happy to allow you to leave Rulantica for a certain period of time in individual cases and return later (e.g. hotel guests who wish to visit their room).
In this case, please contact our staff in the lobby. They will be happy to assist you.

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Is smoking allowed in the Water World?

Smoking is not permitted in Rulantica. However, there are smoking areas in the outdoor area.

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Am I allowed to bring animals to the water world?

It is not allowed to bring animals into the Rulantica water world. This also applies to the outdoor area.

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Can I rent towels at Rulantica?

We recommend bringing your own towels from home.

Our hotel guests can rent towels for the duration of their visit on site (this is an exclusive service for guests of the Europa-Park hotels).

As a day guest, it is not possible to rent towels at Rulantica. The Rulantica shops offer towels in different price categories, as well as bathrobes.

General information

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Due to safety reasons, pushchairs are not permitted in the water world. We therefore ask you to leave pushchairs in the car, if possible. There are, however, a limited number of pushchair-appropriate lockers available.

Tip: Bring a baby safe to the water world so that your little one can rest. 

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Baby changing rooms

Baby changing rooms are available in the water world, which can also be used as a nursing room.

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Food & Drinks

We offer a wide range of delicious dishes and cool drinks - take a look at our culinary offering! The gastronomy of Rulantica also offers a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes (the current gluten-free offers are pizza and muffins). Due to hygienic reasons, food is not permitted in the water world and must be stored in the lockers during your visit. Food can be consumed, for example, in the lobby (Kelpie Café). Drinks can be taken into the water world, with one exception: Due to safety reasons, glass bottles are not permitted and must be stored in the lockers.

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If you don't have a lifejacket or inflatable armbands, you can borrow lifejackets in three different children sizes onsite.

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Storage options

There are a variety of shelves and cabinets throughout Rulantica which can be used to store bags, if you would like to take your belongings with you and not store them in a locker.

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When taking photos or videos with your smartphone or other devices, please remember to consider the privacy rights of other guests and avoid making others feel uncomfortable by your filming.

With the exceptions of the attractions Dugdrob & Vildfål as well as Isbrekker, the usage of action cams (e.g. GoPros) that are fixed around the head, is permitted.

Tip: We offer action photos at the slides Schabernakker I and II and at the free fall slides Dugdrob and Vildfål - the perfect souvenir for a fantastic stay!

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Lying areas

Free sun loungers are available throughout Rulantica. Depending on the number of visitors, all loungers may already be occupied.

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Our Komfort offers for 2 or 4 people offer exclusive retreats. You can find these in the indoor as well as outdoor area of Rulantica. 

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Do you have any more questions?

Our Guest Service is happy to help.

We can advise you in German, English and French.

You can reach us as follows:
Phone: +49 7822 776 655
Email: info [at]
You can also use our contact form.