Off to the mysterious source

Home of magical creatures that glide gracefully through the water, Lumafåls lures all with a wave pool, behind which there pours a huge waterfall. Here slumbers the source of life, guarded by the people of the sea. Incidentally, these fascinating creatures can best be admired from the lazy river. Just be immersed and let yourself drift.

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The wave pool in the heart of Rulantica

Caution, wave swell! The sea lies silent and quiet before Lumafåls. But beware! Those who feel safe at Surf Fjørd will be surprised by the unpredictable sea. When it comes to life, the calm bay turns into a wild water adventure. Ideal for those who like to tumble through the floods.

Souvenirs from the deep-sea grotto


Souvenirs from the deep-sea grotto

The best place for Snorri fans. Equip yourself with the most important of swimming gear, but also stock up on cups, plush toys, t-shirts or bags featuring Rulantica mascot Snorri. All this and much more can be found in the water world, next to the restaurant Lumålunda.