The City on Stilts

In times past, the four-metre-high stilts were the only thing that protected the Vikings in Rangnakor from the torrential floods. The wooden settlement offers a great view of the entire water world Rulantica. If you want to enjoy it undisturbed, you can book Comfort Hyddas and make use of the food offers. Prefer action? But of course! Gigantic slides lead down into the water.

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ODINRÅS (HUGIN + MUNIN): Exciting racing slides

To the slides - ready - go! Who is the fastest? On the parallel tracks Hugin and Munin, duels are welcome. Only a few centimetres away from your opponents, the intertwined tube firmly in view. In some areas, sliders can even see and hear as they flit past each other on the two-tube through the tight curves of Odinrås.

  • Age & Size: min. 8 years, min. 110 cm*

DUGDROB: Freefall through Rangnakor, Part 1

The fastest way to get down from the City on Stilts begins in a glass cabin. But beware! In Dugdrob, the bottom will literally drop out from underneath the courageous riders. As soon as the hinged door opens after the countdown, you are relentlessly exposed to the forces of nature and gravity. Three, two, one ... hold your breath! The fall into the bottomless begins.

  • Age & Size: min. 12 years, min. 140 cm

VILDFÅL: Freefall through Rangnakor, Part 2

Vildfål is the twin sister of Dugdrob. One specialthing about the slides: In the tubes sections, acrylic glass has been incorporated. This gives the adrenaline junkies a view of Rulantica every time, and provides orientation during the free fall into the depths. The landing will be soaking wet and fun!

  • Age & Size: min. 12 years, min. 140 cm

*Please note the additional safety instructions at the entrance of the attraction.