Climbing fun for little pirates

A sunken three-master ship and the remains of a steamer lure at Skip Strand. At one time, intruders were not allowed to enter the island. The sunken ships testify to their failed attempts. Romp and play on and around the great wrecks. Three slides lead down into the turquoise wet. Don’t wait, explore this very special playground!

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VÅGSTYCKE: A steamboat to enjoy

Long ago, the steamboat Vågstycke and his crew tried to reach Rulantica and ran aground. Much to the delight of the Rulantica visitors: For adventurous slides for the whole family, which start aboard the ship, are a real treat here. By the way: You can explore the inside of the steamboat on a trip with Snorri's saga.

ÖVERSNURRA: Gentle drop into the wetness

Ideal for timid water lovers who aren’t just looking for speed when it comes to fun: from the steamboat wreck Vågstycke, you'll turn a circle on the Översnurra slide before unexpectedly plopping down in front of Skip Strand.

  • Age & Size: min. 6 years, min. 120 cm. Only suitable for comfortable swimmers.

ÖVERSTOR: Then the whole family takes a go

Who is the fastest rider in the family? On Överstor, you can find out! It is so wide that up to four people can sit side by side on it, and the waves provide a lot of extra fun.It start on the steamboat Vågstycke.

  • Age & Size: min. 6 years, min. 120 cm. Only suitable for comfortable swimmers.

ÖVERSNABB: The slide for beginners

Oh dear, the steamer Vågstycke is listing! How good that there is Översnabb: On this slide, even the less daring will find their way to the water. Keep to starboard and look for the blue slide.

  • Age & Size: min. 6 years, min. 120 cm. Only suitable for comfortable swimmers.

HOPPABLAD: Obstacle course in the water

Oops, the ioslands between Skip Strand and the half sunken three-mast ship Nordstjernan definitely move! Balance and skill are required here in order to keep bathing suits dry at the other end. Anyone who rushes over here too quickly will certainly land in the water.

NORDSTJERNAN: Three-master wreck for adventurers

Long before our time, the Nordstjernan was a graceful galleon that wanted to make its way to the source of life. She found her end at the bottom of Skip Strand, where her wreck still slumbers gracefully. You can explore the Nordstjernen from the water as well as from the Hoppablads.