Full speed through the Ice Palace

Who dares to pass the gigantic sea snake Svalgur? Do not worry, she was frozen in ice after a dispute between the gods in Vinterhal. Her impressive body shapes the mystical Ice Palace. This place has spectacular slides, made for the ultimate adrenaline rush - who wants to give it a go?

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VINTER RYTT: Rapid ride in the halfpipe

This slide brings the adrenaline: In comfortable 4-person tubes, things starts slowly - but then it is time to hold on: The ride on Vinter Rytt goes steeply downhill, then flushes adventurers directly into a halfpipe, up the steep wall. Fans of airtime will definitely get their money’s worth. Who will scream the loudest?

  • Age & Size: min. 10 years, min. 125 cm

SVALGUR RYTT: Ride through the body of the snake

Svalgur is hungry. For centuries, the gigantic sea serpent has lived its life as a frozen beast. She feeds on courageous adventurers who venture into her. But do not worry, she'll spit them out again at the Svalgur Rytt with rather happy faces. Up to four people can embark on this adventure together in a giant tube.

  • Age & Size: min. 10 years, min. 110 cm*

STORMVIND: A true drum roll

Take a wild whirl around the middle of Vinterhal. The journey starts slow, but then becomes a rapid descent. The highlight of this slide is a circular drum in which you make at least one turbulent round before being swallowed by the next tube. Where does she spit out Stormvind again? We will see!

  • Age & Size: min. 10 years, min. 110 cm*

TVÅ FALL: Rapid ride in the tube slide

Attention, this is going to be fast! In Två Fall, take a 2-person tube through the tight curves of the fast-moving tube slide. The tight pipeline, which draws a figure of eight, ensures that you are rocked from one wall to another.Huiiii!

  • Age & Size: min. 6 years, min. 110 cm*

ISBREKKER: Only flying could be more beautiful

Under the graceful body of the sea serpent Svalgur, the ice palace Vinterhal is the perfect place for taking two jump slides quickly into the deep. But instead of gliding slowly into the wet, you are catapulted into the water. The Isbrekker slides are for real adventurers. Ready for take-off?

  • Age & Size: min. 8 years, min. 125 cm. Only suitable for comfortable swimmers.

*Please note the additional safety instructions at the entrance of the attraction.