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Here, we are introducing new features which you can discover in the water world.

Relax and sauna area Hyggedal

New: Enjoy pure relaxation in the exclusive area!

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All Information 2020/2021

Snorri Snorkling VR

Discover the unique underwater world around Rulantica together with Snorri in a totally new way!

A completely new adventure awaits you in Rulantica: 'Snorri Snorkling VR'! In Europe's only underwater VR experience, Snorri takes you to the bottom of the sea from early 2021. Alongside the Rulantica mascot, discover many other mythical creatures in the fantastic underwater world of the mysterious island of Rulantica. Not only are you underwater in virtual reality - you also dive in the real world at the same time!

Opposite the ‘Skog Lagune’ area are the two ‘Snorri Snorkling VR’ pools. All adventurous water fans aged 12+ who can swim, can put on their VR diving goggles and snorkel, and off they go onto a splashy journey!

Outdoor fun for the whole family

From early summer 2021, visitors of Rulantica can look forward to even more water fun!

From next year, not one but two new settings will offer tons of outdoor fun and make the hearts of adventurers big and small leap for joy. Look forward to Svalgurok, Germany's largest outdoor water playground with over 100 different playing opportunities and a gigantic slide tower - featuring a wave slide and a funnel slide amongst other highlights. Nobody will stay dry: A gigantic, full to the top, and swaying water bucket will bring some much needed refreshment!

Right next to it, the second new setting, Snorri Strand, offers splashy sliding and water fun for the smallest visitors of Rulantica. Additionally, plenty of sun loungers for all sun lovers will further enhance the outdoor area.

Sun bathing at Rulantica

Since summer 2020, the newly extended outdoor area is welcoming you.

Perfect for sun-lovers: From now, more than 1,000 cosy sunloungers right next to the speedy wild river and the turquoise blue outdoor pool invite you to enjoy plenty of sunbathing. On top of that, 12 covered Comfort Islands ensure pure holiday feeling. These exclusive beach chairs for two can be booked as an add on and invite you to forget about everyday life and indulge into pure relaxation.

YULLBE – the VR World's First

Experience the first adventure 'Mission: Rulantica'!

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