SIMPLY LÆKKER – culinary highlights

If your stomach is rumbling after all the water attractions, a wide range of restaurants are on offer in the new adventure world and the museum hotel.

Restaurants in the water world

The restaurants

The self-service restaurant Lumålunda restaurant offers a wide selection from starters to desserts all day long. In the foyer of the water world, visitors can regain their energy with some sweet treats in the Kelpie Café. In between meals, you’re always welcome in the Snekkjas snack bar in 'Rangnakor'.

The bars

For all water lovers who don’t want to leave the water for a drink, the Skog Bar pool bar in the 'Skog Lagoon' is the perfect choice. Delicious soft drinks can also be enjoyed in the outdoor swim-up bar Tempel Krog in the 'Frigg Tempel'.

There are also three shops for those that fancy browsing, either to update their swimming equipment or to pick up a small Rulantica keepsake. 'Snorri's Grotta' can be found in the water world itself, while the other stores can be found on the ground and first floors of the hotel lobby.

Restaurants in 'Krønasår'

Did you know?

The restaurant dishes were developed with the Danish chef Brian Bojsen. He also helped train staff to deliver that 'hygge' feeling. What does 'hygge' mean? Hygge doesn’t have a direct translation, but it is akin to cosiness. However it means more than that: it’s a cosy, warm atmosphere where you can enjoy the good things in life with those you love. Candlelight is hygge, friends and family are hygge, good food and drink are hygge... so 'Hygge' is the perfect name for our new themed hotel and its culinary offering.