How it all began

Rulantica – the new indoor water world is far more than just a name, for there is a colourful story behind 'Rulantica', developed by MackMedia, at the heart of which rises the legendary island of 'Rulantica', a source of fascination since time immemorial.

The fantastic story world in 3D

But is Rulantica a mere legend, or does the island really exist? For decades, the Krønasår natural history museum has been on the trail of the myth and is now set to showcase its discoveries to the public in its special 'Rulantica' exhibition. No matter whether before or after your visit, experience Rulantica digitally with Explore Rulantica.
For the best experience use desktop or iOS 12.0 and Android 8. 

Discover the fascinating story behind Rulantica on the interactive website explore-rulantica


Rulantica for bookworms

'Rulantica – The hidden island' and 'Rulantica - The conspiracy of the gods'
Attention all young bookworms: The first two volumes of the youth series ‘Rulantica’ is now available. The two-part novel tells the adventures of the orphan boy Mats and the sea girl Aquina from Rulantica, whose fate is closely linked to the mysterious island. The books are being produced in cooperation with Coppenrath publishers and are available online and in the bookshop. For further information visit
The first volume is available in French and Italian, the second volume will be available in those languages throughout 2021.

Rulantica is my home

Have you met Snorri? This cheeky octopus is the mascot for the new indoor water world and is a key character in the story of the legendary island of Rulantica, but more about that later!