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Family Day at Rulantica

Great entertainment and interactive activities
Event is in the past

Throughout the Ascension weekend, Rulantica will be offering numerous additional activities to celebrate Family Day.

Snorri's Creative Craft Fun

All children up to the age of 11 can make a great Snorri puppet. (Craft template that just needs to be completed).
Rulantica provides all materials free of charge for the children.
Location: Snorri's Dune
Time period: 12 to 6pm

Snorris Climbing Adventure

Bouncy castle tower. Here the children can climb a big lighthouse.
Location: in the stage area at Dynstrønd
Time period: 12 to 6pm

Snorri's beach fun

Game: Building sandcastles
All children up to 11 years can build sandcastles together with the 'daydreamers'.
Game: Excavations
Here, all children up to 11 years of age can join the 'daydreamers' in excavating on Snorri Beach.

Location: Snorri Strand
Time period: Between 12 and 6pm. Always on the hour for 30-40 minutes.
Sandcastle building and excavations always alternate every hour.

Snorri's colour spectacle

Beautiful airbrush tattoos for the whole family
Location: Snorris Dune
Time period: 12 to 6pm

You can also look forward to great animation and entertainment for the whole family.

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