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If you’ve ever dreamed of dining on a classy ocean liner, you’ll love the Captain’s Finest!

This restaurant could easily be the captain’s mess on the legendary Mayflower, on which the Pilgrim Fathers crossed the Atlantic bound for the New World back in the 17th century. Its wood-panelled ceiling gives it the authentic feel of an old oceangoing vessel.

The Captain’s Dinner features Black Angus steak tartar, Maine lobster, and New England tuna tartar. Enjoy these signature dishes at one of our cosy tables for two or four, or take one of the longer tables for larger partie - and there’s room for plenty more passengers during the summer seasonout on our sun deck. 


Childrens Menu


New York Sunday Brunch: 11.30 am + 12.00 am- 14.00 pm

For more information call +49 7822 860 5922 or email

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