Rulantica - The new Europa-Park Water World

Dive into an unforgettable aqua adventure with Snorri and friends

Grab your goggles and experience colourful worlds – both above and below water!

Your next journey into a refreshing adventure is waiting: With Europa-Park’s new Water World ‘Rulantica’ water fun will be taken to the next level. The Water World offers many thrilling surprises which will excite every water lover. By the end of 2019 the giant 450,000 sqm large resort extension with a water theme will be completed and shine in full glow.

Water fun for everyone

‘Water lovers – ahoy‘

Majestically rises 'Rulantica' slowly aloft and the first signs of the new Water World of Europa-Park appear. Outside the gates of world's best theme park work on site is in full swing.

An elaborate Nordic theme and 25 exciting water attractions, amongst those 17 water slides, a giant wave pool, a wild river and a thrilling flow passage guarantee plenty of water fun and an unforgettable adventure for the whole family. All new information about the water world can be found first on our new Rulantica Facebook page.

In the new JUNIOR CLUB Rulantica Vlog series with Benedikt Weber, you’ll find out all about the detailed construction progress as well as background information directly from those involved with the major project. For two years, Benedikt Weber will be accompanying the development - from the construction site to a completed world.

Themed Water Resort

Plunge into a unique Water World

In the approx. 32,600 sqm large, shell-shaped hall which is open year-round, all water lovers can look forward to nine Nordic themed areas.

Discover the different areas

Skip Strand
An adventure playground with sunken Three-Masters, a multitude of nets, ropes and masts. On ‘Skip Strand’ ships have been agrounded, besotted by sirens which should keep strangers away.

A city on stilts near a lake: that is ‘Rangnakor’, founded by the Nordic natives of Rulantica. They recognised the abundance of the island, the settlement grew quickly. Not much is known of this mysterious place. The architecture and ornaments of the houses suggest Vikings origin. But why was ‘Rangnakor’ built on stilts? The city must have been once surrounded by giant floodwaters.

Adventure and Relaxation

The trolls of Rulantica guard the island in their own way. In ‘Trølldal’ you can get very close to them: here you can find a water playground for the little ones as well as slides and tree houses.

Skog Lagoon
Waterfalls, whirlpool seats and a pool bar surrounded by pine trees and rocks make this lagoon a real oasis of tranquillity.

Grottos and Glacier Caves

The most fascinating creatures of Rulantica were mermaids and mermen, guardians of the island. They lived in a grotto and moved graciously on land and in water. ‘Lumåfals’ was their home. This grotto, a wave pool, is being supplied by an impressive waterfall in which you can still find many mermaids. Here all visitors can feel like a sea creature themselves and take in the colourful grotto.

Numerous slides offers this gigantic glacier cave in which a very special treasure is hidden – guarded from the in ice ossified snake Svalgur.

Water fun for the whole family

After all the excitement and thrill a large quiet area invites to relax. Eight individual Cabañas with F&B service additionally offer families upon request a private retreat. But not only can you discover the 20 meters high hall but also the 8,000 sqm large outdoor area. Time will fly past in the ‘Wild River’. Children can furthermore beautifully play and swim outdoors while parents sunbath on deck chairs.

Culinary break

Besides two self-service restaurants, a bar and café, cool pool bars in the indoor and outdoor areas offer just the right drink for every water lover that doesn’t want to leave the beloved pool.

Heading North – the sixth Europa-Park themed hotel

After an exciting day all water loves, no matter if big or small, are invited to dream and relax at the new themed hotel ‘Krønasår’.

Further information about our new hotel is available here or on the new Krønasår Facebook page.

Rulantica Preview Center

The first signs of the new water world can already be seen now and on the 'Journey to Rulantica’, you’ll get exciting glimpses into the project right up until the gigantic 450,000 square metre water-themed extension to the resort shines in full glory.