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Ein Paar entspannt sich im Ruhebereich Hyggedal


Our exclusive relax and sauna area

On approximately 1,000m², a Nordic feel-good oasis awaits you above the Lumålunda restaurant, with a beautiful view over the water world. Three textile free saunas with regular infusions, a steam bath, an outdoor terrace and a varied culinary offer will fulfil all wishes of those looking to relax and unwind.

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Please note: Hyggedal is a designated quiet area. Because of that, children under the age of 12 have no access. The textile free sauna area, the steam bath, bucket shower and the outdoor terrace are available to guests aged 18+.

As a retreat for families, our indoor and outdoor Komfort offers are particularly suitable. Our Komfort Sofas & Hyddas or our Beach Islands & Sofas are available from May till September.

This awaits you in Hyggedal

Ein Paar entspannt sich im Sauna- & Ruhebereich Hyggedal

Comfortable lying areas

Ideal to peacefully unwind, read and simply enjoy the time until the next water world adventure.

Ein Blick ins Innere des KOTA Sauna Chalets

Sauna Chalet "Kota"

A traditional sauna on the outdoor terrace

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Hyggedal Damp Huset

Steam bath 'Damp Huset'

Our new textile-free steam bath now offers an additional feel-good experiences in the quiet and sauna area Hyggedal.

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Sauna "lille" in Hyggedal

Sauna 'lille'

In the cosy ambience, all those sweat enthusiasts aged 18+ can experience textile-free sauna pleasure.

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Sauna "stor" in Hyggedal

Sauna 'stor'

Textile free sauna indulgence for sauna fans aged 18+.

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Hygge Sauna-Bar

Hygge sauna bar

Along with a varied drink offer, delicious salads promise that fitness-kick full of fresh ingredients. Indulge surrounded by the Nordic ambience.

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Hyggedal offers

Therelaxing area is a true feel-good oasis and just the right thing for those who want to take a timeout from the slide and water action in Rulantica.

Ein Paar entspannt sich im Sauna- & Ruhebereich Hyggedal

Hygge Sofa

Your complete private lying area in Hyggedal

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Ein junges Paar genießt den Blick über die Wasserwelt

Hyggedal Rulantica ticket

The ticket for the water world and relaxation

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Hygge Supreme Hydda

Hygge Supreme Hydda

Exclusive hideaway in Hyggedal

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If you have already booked a day or evening ticket for Rulantica and would like to visit Hyggedal, you can additional book your Hyggedal ticket by calling +49 7822 776 655. If Hyggedal tickets are available on the day of your visit, you can also book these onsite.

Frequently asked questions

Is Hyggedal included in the ticket price of Rulantica or is there an additional fee?

In order to use the relax and sauna area Hyggedal, you will need a Hyggedal Rulantica ticket which costs €56.00¹, and is available online in the ticket shop or, depending on availability, onsite. The Hyggedal Rulantica ticket includes admission to Rulantica as well as Hyggedal.

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Can I visit Hyggedal without Rulantica?

No, this is not possible.

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Can children use the relax and sauna area Hyggedal?

Hyggedal is a designated quiet area. Because of that, children under the age of 12 have no access. 
The saunas, bucket shower and the outdoor terrace are available to guests aged 18+.

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Can the saunas be used textile-free?

Yes, all three saunas in Hyggedal are available for textile-free use only.

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When do the infusions in the Hyggedal saunas take place?

The infusion times of the saunas in Hyggedal can be found on the dedicated pages of the sauna "lille", sauna "stor" and KOTA Sauna Chalet. In addition, you will find the daily updated information on the screens on site.

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There are no tickets available online for my accompanying person

If you have booked a Hygge Sofa, we guarantee a Rulantica and Hyggedal ticket for your accompanying person, even if the online tickets are already sold out. Please contact our staff in the Rulantica lobby. When booking the Hygge Supreme Hygga, this guarantee is valid for up to three accompanying persons.

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panoraama – the Rulantica bar

Tip – also available to non-Rulantica visitors

In the bar panoraama - the Rulantica bar, you can sample the Rulantica feeling without actually being in Rulantica, as you do not require a Hyggedal or Rulantica ticket for entry. Via entry through the lobby, you can get to the bar and enjoy the culinary offers with a breath-taking view over the water world - what more can you ask for?

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