Info for visitors with disabilites - Europa-Park


The reduced admission price will be granted upon presentation of a valid disabled ID on site at Europa-Park. You don't have to purchase a date-specific ticket in advance. This applies only to vistors with disabilities and their accompanying person (valid disabled ID stating the letter B is required). All other accompanying persons must buy a date-specific tickets in advance via the ticket shop.
Please contact our team at the information office at the main entrance in order to receive the reduced admission price.

  • Free entry will be granted upon presentation of a disabled pass, with the note 'BI'.
  • Wheelchair users will receive free entry upon presentation of a disabled pass, with the note 'aG' (exceptional walking disability).
  • The reduced admission price of €47pp for you and one accompanying person will be granted when presenting a valid disabled ID stating the letter B (accompanying person required).
  • The reduced admission price of €47pp will be granted when presenting a valid disabled ID.

Information is available at our Information Offices, which are located at the Main Entrance, by the Lake, by the Euro-Tower, and in the Spanish themed area.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff. Any suggestions and comments are welcome at our Information Offices.

The EP Express tours the whole park and has wheelchair accesible seats to the rear of the train. We recommend wheelchair users board the train in the Spanish station (the ramps here are a little steep, however there are places to take a break).
At the German and Greek station you will find a lift next to the entrance - the accompanying visitor should contact the train operator in order to use the lift. We recommend wheelchair users exit the train at the German station and Greek station.

Due to the official regulations provided by authorities, it is possible that various gastronomic services may not be open. However, there will be a fantastic culinary offer in every themed area.

The Swiss, Spanish, and Greek themed areas are a little more difficult to enter for wheelchair users because of cobbled paving.

The front area of the visitor car park has reserved parking for visitors with reduced mobility. Blind visitors and wheelchair users with 'aG' and 'BI' on their disability ID are entitled to a free parking pass - granting free parking for 365 days

Depending on availability, you can rent a wheelchair for the duration of your stay at Europa-Park (deposit of identity card required). Rental wheelchairs are available from the Main Entrance for a charge of €3.
To reserve a wheelchair in advance of your visit call +49 7822 772 8200 or email

Wheelchair accessible toilets are located at the main entrance, in the German, Italian, French, Greek, Russian, Scandinavian, Spanish, and Austrian themed areas and marked on the Park Map.

The First Aid point is located behind the Euro-Mir rollercoaster in Russia, where you will find fully trained first aid staff during Europa-Park's opening hours. In addition, first aid attendants patrol the park at regular intervals. In case of an emergency, please contact a member of staff. Our First Aid station is also equipped with care facilities for people with disabilities.

At Europa-Park, we try our best to make as many attractions and shows as possible available to visitors with disabilities. That’s why a wide range of them are easy to both enter and use.

The special entrance for visitors with disabilities remains. Please mind visitors coming out of the attraction and try to avoid to cross the path. When entering through the exit, a mask must be worn from the time you enter the building. You must also wear a mouth-nose mask while using the attraction.

Most attractions have wheelchair access, as long as the wheelchair can be left independently. Tip for wheelchair users: use the EP Express to conveniently make your way from one attraction to the next. All trains are wheelchair accessible.
All shows have reserved areas for wheelchair users. When entering the Europa-Park Teatro and the Globe Theater please use the side entrance/exit. Should wheelchair users require assistance finding accessible areas or entrances/exits, please contact a member of staff who will be glad to assist you.

Access to the following rides is not permitted for the blind and visitors with impaired mobility: Arthur, Atlantica SuperSplash, Atlantis Adventure, Alpenexpress Enzian, Alpenexpress Coastiality, blue fire Megacoaster powered by Nord Stream 2, Cassandra's Curse, Euro-Mir, Eurosat - CanCan Coaster, Eurosat Coastiality, Fjord Rafting, Ghost Castle, Matterhorn Blitz, Family Rollercoaster Pegasus - The YoungStar Coaster, Poppy Towers, Swiss Bob Run, Silver Star, Tirol Log Flume, Volo Da Vinci , Water Rolleroaster Poseidon, WODAN-Timburcoaster

We are currently working on making previously excluded rides available for the 2021 season.

If however, you are able to see visual warnings and guidance and able to independently cope with high stair descents safely, then you are welcome to use these rides.

The Voletarium is fully accessible for wheelchair users. Please report to the counter for lockers (left side of the entrance to the Voletarium) where you can get a ticket with which you can access the wheelchair entrance (right side in front of the entrance).
As soon as the ticket is scanned, a door will open and shortly after guests will be guided onto the attraction by a staff member. You can sit in the gondolas if the seatbelt can secure and hold the passenger correctly.
Alternatively, you can also watch the film from your wheelchair without having to sit in the gondola.

For more detailed information please contact the Information Office by the Lake in the park (English themed area).

When staying at the Europa-Park hotels:

There are rooms with easy accessibility to cater for people with disabilities in all our hotels.  These will ensure your stay is a pleasant experience, leaving you with plenty of time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Book your dreamful stay in one of our five 4* themed hotels ‘Krønasår – The Museum-Hotel’, ‘Colosseo’, ‘Santa Isabel’, ‘Bell Rock’, ‘El Andaluz’, and ‘Castillo Alcazar’ via our online booking platform. Use the filter function to see all available rooms that cater for guests with disabilities.
For further information on your hotel stay, please click here.