Opening Hours
Familie im Außenpool Bell Rock


1. General Rules

The house and bathing rules serve to ensure safety, order, and cleanliness at the Europa-Park hotels. It is binding for all guests attending the hotel pools. Video surveillance is carried out in the pool areas.

2. Opening Hours and Access

2.1. The opening hours are daily from 7am to 10pm.

2.2. The use of the hotel pools is generally free for every hotel guest. Access is prohibited for:

  • Persons under the influence of intoxicating substances (e.g. alcohol, drugs).
  • Persons with animals.
  • Persons that suffer from a notifiable, infectious disease according to the Federal Law on Contagious Diseases (Bundesseuchengesetz), open wounds, or contagious skin rashes.
  • Persons who cannot move, dress or undress independently, also children under the age of eight years, blind persons, mentally disabled persons. Those with seizure disorders are only allowed to use the hotel pools together with a responsible adult supervisor.

3. Bathing

3.1. Bathers use the facilities at their own risk.

3.2. The pools may only be used after a thorough cleaning of the body.

4. Behaviour in the Pool

4.1. Bathers must refrain from everything that is contrary to public order, as well as the proper maintenance of safety, quiet and order.

4.2. Jumping into the pools from the sides is not permitted. It is also not permitted to run around the pool borders or clamber around on the access ladders, handrails or any other parts of the facilities, or to jump directly into the water from them.

4.3. It is prohibited to push other persons into the pools.

4.4. The consumption of meals and drinks not purchased at the pool is not permitted.

4.5. Bathers are not allowed to use cameras or phone cameras.

4.6. Please note that the water depth varies in the pools (up to 140cm) and that the pools are not non-swimmer pools.

4.7. Rubbish must be disposed of in the containers provided for this purpose.

5. Supervision

In addition to the hotel management and their representatives, the respective employee attending the reception desk exercises the domiciliary law towards all visitors.

6. Liability

6.1. Bathers use the hotel pools at Europa-Park (including their facilities and equipment) at their own risk, without prejudice to the obligation of the operator to maintain the pools and facilities in a safe condition.

6.2. We are not liable for the destruction, damage, or loss of items brought into the facility.

6.3. Accidents must be reported to the supervisory staff immediately.

6.4. In case of danger, an alarm must be released via the red push buttons. This applies in particular to danger to life situation. The alarm immediately triggers a rescue process.

7. Lockers and changing rooms

7.1. To change and dress, changing rooms are available to bathers.

7.2. Lockers are available to store clothes. Bathers must lock the locker themselves and carry the key with them while bathing.

8. Swimwear

8.1. Presence in the pool area is only permitted in appropriate, usual swimwear. This also applies to toddlers.

8.2. Persons who don’t swim may wear other, clean sportswear, but no street clothing.