Romping with the trolls

In the midst of the home of the trolls, the most peaceful creatures on earth, even the smallest of visitors will find a sheltered place full of secrets and slides: Trølldal. The trolls populated Rulantica long before humans discovered the island. The water in this playground is nice and low and the slides adapted to the age of children. Little ones with a love for climbing may also find their favourite place.

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SCHABERNAKKER: Race on two slides

A double dose of fun for the little ones: The ride leads through the throat of a mountain troll. From the highest point of Trølldal, the slides run directly parallel downhill - a few curves, then through the home straight. Who will the troll spit out first?

  • Age & Size: 3 - 12 years, 95 - 150 cm

TOMMELPLUMS: Sliding fun for the little ones

To the land of trolls! The Trølldal, with its shallow, child-friendly pools, is a true paradise for the youngest visitors to Rulantica, and they will find plenty of joy with the trolls that look droll in the distance. No wonder that so many children surround them. Another attraction is the Tommelplums, which winds gently and swings towards the ground.

  • Age & Size: 3 - 12 years, 95 - 150 cm

KULLERBULLER: Climbing and rolling in Trølldal

This open slide is for the youngest of guests, who climb on the log in the middle of Trølldal, and find a safe, gentle way down with Kullerbuller. The chute winds once around the tree trunk and brings little heroes back safely into the cool water.

  • Age & Size: 3 - 12 years, 95 - 150 cm