Dive into a unique world of adventures

A blend of Scandinavian style, Nordic landscapes as well as imaginative designs and mystical scenes creates a unique and impressive atmosphere in the Rulantica water world. 25 attractions, including 17 slides for young and old, promise pure water fun for everybody. In the 32,600-square-metre indoor park as well as in the adjoining outdoor area, water-lovers can look forward to nine exciting themed areas throughout the year.

The construction of the new water world 'Rulantica' is progressing well, with some slides having already taken their place. There has also been the first test runs of the 250-metre-long Lazy River. Have a look at what there is to discover from end of November…

Skip Strand

Water lovers ahoy. Let the adventure begin!

Skip Strand the adventure pool with a sunken three-master, steamboat and a multitude of nets, ropes and masts offers plenty of opportunities to slide, splash about and have fun.

Watch out! The whole family will land at Skip Strand with a big splash into the water while on the wide slide Överstor.


A city on stilts

The city of Rangnakor, founded by the Nordic natives of  Rulantica, offers a perfect view over the whole Water World. Eight exclusive 'Komfort Hyddas', comfortable cabins in an exclusive location, offer a private retreat for four people including great extra services. 'Comfort Sofas' are the ideal retreat for two people in the centre of the Water World.

Maximum thrill for the very brave; our AquaRocket slides Dugdrob & Vildfål. After you have entered the glass capsule, the countdown begins: 3, 2, 1 - then the trapdoor under you opens and you fall into the bottomless drop.

Who is the fastest in the Dueling pipeline Odinrås? In two adjacent tunnel slides with tight corners, you can compete in a special kind of slide duel.


A thrilling white river

With boundless energy, the wild river on the edge of Rulantica has shaped the rocky river beds of the island. In Vildstrøm, water babies of all sizes can drift and be pulled along by the current. What fun! Then take a well-deserved rest on the loungers under the warm sunshine.


The mysterious land of the trolls

The trolls of Rulantica guarded the island in their own way. At Trølldal the smallest visitors become trolls and have fun on the slides while discovering the child-friendly water playground.


Land of mermaids and waterfalls

Whether leisurly in the lazy river or actively in the giant wave pool – from here you have a great view of Lumåfals, the home of the fascinating mermaids and mermen that once guarded the island.

Snorri's Saga

Let go and drift away

Snorri's Saga is a family attraction, where our mascot Snorri accompanies you on a journey across the island, along a lazy river, exploring the sunken island of Rulantica and learning more about its history while floating on comfortable tyres - either solo or for two. In the Trølldal, home to funny little goblins and trolls, Snorri will take you to Lumåfals where a colourful spectacle of coral and graceful sailors awaits you, before heading on to the large Vinterhal Glacier Cave to relax and dream away. The Skog Lagoon, filled with trees and rocks, invites you to relax on Skip Beach with its galleon and submerged steamer, and finally there is Rangnakor - the city on stilts and a real highlight.

Frigg Tempel

Feel like you’re on holiday

In Rulantica’s outdoor area, a large outdoor pool awaits those who want to swim, splash and then relax on a lounger. It’s the perfect place to chill out and relax. And there are delicious drinks at the swim-up bar.

Skog Lagune

Relax in the forest lagoon

Waterfalls, whirlpool seats and a pool bar surrounded by pine trees and rocks make this lagoon a real oasis of tranquillity.


Off to the frosty North

The giant glacier guarantees plenty of adrenalin. Spectacular water slides circle the snake Svalgur, which is ossified in ice – a splashy adventure is guaranteed!

With the two Shotgun Falls Isbrekker, rush down ithe tube until you'll suddenly find yourself in a free fall.

Behind Vinter Rytt hides a Tornado Wave, in which up to four people can glide up an almost vertical wall in a tyre - who is brave enough?

An unforgettably wet ride awaits up to five people in a tyre on the Mammoth slide Svalgur Rytt, with plenty of serpentines, stunning drops and loops. This ride is pure water fun.

Like a cannon, shoot out in a double tire onto a huge slide surface and swirl around until you're drawn to the middle of CannonBowl Stormvind.