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Ohm Coaster

The anticipation is rising

Welcome to the electric age - from 2024

A brand new, action-packed rollercoaster is currently being built between the Poseidon water rollercoaster and the Euro-Mir!

Featuring a total of seven inversions, it promises a breathtaking ride through the picturesque landscape of Croatia. The new rollercoaster forms the first part of the 17th European themed area, where buildings made of light limestone, arches and ruins reflect the typical architecture of Croatia and will soon be transporting you to the Adriatic Sea. From the opening of the new coaster, a 28 metre high tower rises over the station building. This is a relic from the experiments of inventor Nikola Tesla, whose experiments with cosmic energy will catapult you on an action-packed ride through Croatia.

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up to 90kph

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7 overhead elements

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New Croatian themed area

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MACK Rides

Closing of the tracks

15 weeks after the installation of the first rail, the track of the new rollercoaster was closed on 16th May 2023. For this, the last rail section, part of the Inverted top hat, had to be installed at a height of 32.5 meters above the station building. It also marks the highest point of the 1,385 meter long track.

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It's going to be spectacular

The new Stryker Coaster, a further development of the Big Dipper from Mack Rides, is a constant series of highlights: a vertical launch with an incline of 105 degrees, an inverted top hat, a banked stall with lateral airtime and even a reverse section. These are just a few of the spectacular elements to look forward to. Can't wait to experience the new coaster? Then check out our POV Onride!


Coaster Construction

Construction progress – always up-to-date

The construction of the new rollercoaster is progressing rapidly, and you can see it at any time! Follow the construction of the coaster exclusively via our streaming platform VEEJOY. Every month, we present the latest developments as well as interesting facts as part of our exciting construction documentary. It's worth taking a look, as it’s not just for rollercoaster fans!

Patrick Marx steht vor der Achterbahn

Europa Park Blog

If you are interested in even more background information and up-to-date facts about the coaster, we recommend that you visit the official Europa-Park blog from time to time. There you can follow along with the creation of the new rollercoaster with exciting articles from completely different perspectives, as well as browse through many other topics related to the Europa-Park Resort.

Start into the electric age with Nikola Tesla

From 2024, the legendary Adventure Club of Europe will reveal one of its best-kept secrets: Experience exclusively the probably most visionary and so far unknown invention of the Croatian scientist and ACE member Nikola Tesla on your own body!

His device feeds people into cosmic energy and transports them from one place to another by electric lightning. Already in the waiting area of the new attraction, you will be immersed in Tesla's cosmic energy laboratory in a former hydroelectric power plant before the electrifying energy journey begins on the rollercoaster. Witness Nikola Tesla ushering in the electric age and take a look at his thrilling story today:

Motiv zum Film im Traumzeit-Dome "Nikola Tesla's Beautiful Croatia"

Nikola Tesla's Beautiful Croatia

The 360° film adventure Nikola Tesla's Beautiful Croatia in the Dome of Dreams takes you on a breathtaking journey through dreamlike scenery in Croatia, homeland of the inventor Nikola Tesla. Your journey of discovery begins in the middle of his laboratory, where the scientist's revolutionary invention has enabled a completely new way of transportation. Using this, you are able to explore the most beautiful places in Croatia in an unprecedented way. Immerse yourself in the fascinating story of Nikola Tesla and experience Croatia like never before.

Die fliegende Schule der Abenteurer

The adventure book about the rollercoaster

In ‘The Flying School of Adventurers - The Phantom from the Underworld’, the four heroes of the novel, Belle, Oni, Oliver and Connor, set off on the trail of a mysterious phantom that is said to live in the catacombs under the Zagreb theatre. As they enter the underworld through a mirror, they not only come across a legendary contraption from the ingenious inventor Nikola Tesla, but also a hundred-year-old monster.

Tesla 4D Film

New from autumn 2023: Nikola Tesla's electrifying 4D experience

You can be right there in 4D as the Croatian inventor Nikola Tesla makes a groundbreaking discovery. Experience, with all your senses, how he is able to transform people into pure cosmic energy and transport them from one place to another as lightning. His visionary apparatus, however, has been met with great resistance. Will he still manage to herald in the electric age, with the support of the legendary Adventure Club of Europe? From autumn 2023, MACK Magic presents this exciting 12-minute film adventure, exclusively at Magic Cinema 4D.

Silhouette Europa-Park
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