FIS Snowkidz - Children's Ski School & Snow Tubes

Age & Size
min. 4 yearsmin. 90 cm
closed during summer
Level 1: Cosy, relaxed
Handicapped persons
According to TÜV regulations not suitable for handicapped people.

The winter sports school Thoma, the Liftverbund Feldberg, the family hotel Feldberger Hof and the Fischer Ski company invite all children between 4 and 12 years to ski on the specially built snow ramp. The children can make their first attempts on skis with the support of professional ski instructors.

Just next door, daring sleigh riders can look forward to a speedy ride down our snow tubes. The Children's Ski School & Snow Tubes for Kids are located between the Restaurant Spices and the Log Flume.

Course times are available from the daily park plan.

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Location in the park