Historic Christmas Market

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closed during summer
Level 1: Cosy, relaxed
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Suitable for handicapped people

Experience the Medieval Christkindl Markt that lies beneath the snow-covered trees surrounding Historic Balthasar Castle Park - bookbinders, sculpters, goldsmiths, and lots more.

A majestic atmosphere of times long ago, where nightfall’s glowing fires and torch-lit paths evoke a world of lords, ladies, and knights.

Open daily throughout the winter season from 23.11.2019 until 6.01.2020 & 11.01. + 12.01.2020.

Winter Special: This attraction is awaiting you during our Winter season from 23rd November until 6th January and 11th until 12th January 2020. Look forward to these attractions during our Winter season.

Please note that this attraction may be closed due to severe weather conditions (i.e. storms, low temperatures, thunder).

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Location in the park