Wine Tasting

Open – Pour – Taste

The emotional connection between a pleasurable meal and a matching wine lies practically in the blood of Sommelier Vincenzo De Biase.

With individual arrangement, he offers tastings of wines from Italy | Spain | Portugal or America. Whether purely as a tasting or with a selection of snacks or finger food, we offer your group of 10 to 30 people wonderful insights into the world of wine.

  • Price: €25.50 per person
    Incl. Aperitif, 2 White Wines, 2 Red Wines
  • Price: €40 per person
    Incl. Aperitif, 2 White Wines, 2 Red Wines, Water, Snacks

Duration: 45 minutes
Time: 5.30pm
Location: By individual arrangement


Deluxe Wine Tasting

Taste - Smell - Savour - Fascinating

Our wine expert Vincenzo De Biase - awarded Sommelier of the Year 2017 by the Große Restaurant & Hotel Guide - is selecting wines for you to taste from among his variety of 430 fine wines. Learn more about wine culture from Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, or American growing areas. We put together a table food buffet typical of each country as an ideal companion to the wine.

  • This offer is valid for groups of 10 to 30 people.
  • Price: €59.00pp
  • Incl. Aperitif | 2 White Wines | 2 Red Wines | Water | Table Food Buffet
  • Duration: around 90 minutes
  • only during Feel Good Weeks

Infos and Bookings: +49 7822 8605974 or Email:

Subject to change.