Erdinger Foodpairing

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Turnierzelt, Hotel Castillo Alcazar

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Have you ever wondered why some foods make such a perfect combination of taste? So many combinations that you would hardly expect to harmonise go unusually well when eaten together. Dr. Stefan Kreisz - Quality Management of Private Brewery ERDINGER Weißbräu - will help you get to know, sip-for-sip, the harmonising contrast of various delicacies. New horizons of taste will be opened up.

Price : €87.50 per person*

  • Admission: 6.45pm in the lobby of hotel ‘Santa Isabel’
  • Start: 7pm | Turnierzelt Hotel "Castillo Alcazar"

Please email with any general enquiries.

Please Note: The event will be held mainly in German

Subject to change. 

*Prices incl. VAT plus handling and shipping costs.

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Location in the park